We are the “get up with a smile”kind of people. That kind of people that can queue joyfully and without complaining for the event they are looking forward to. That kind of people who, born and raised in the Basque Country, have grown used to rainy days and who don’t care a bit about it.

That’s the reason why we’re going to start our article about 080 Barcelona Fashion by praising what we liked: the creative talents on display. Krizia Robustella took us on a trip to a parallel world where Benidorm gets mixed up with Baqueira in the glittery ‘80s. Catchy background music, shiny textures, ski sticks (if these have got a technical name, we are unaware of it. That’s how good we are at sports) and convincing prints which remind us of the tracksuits your mom must have stored somewhere: green, purple and grey. Manuel Bolaño shone with classical garments and that part of the Pantone palette you’d never use to decorate your room; working a lot with textures, the Galician designer stood out for the fine architecture and colour of his garments, the ‘70s reference and the final show, where the Duo Dinámico sang out loud how alone they feel: a total success for a much waited show.



Albéniz brought us fur, a lot of fur: coats and exquisite materials in a quite traditional show, that was very favourably welcomed; we liked it, too. Manuel Cruzcastillo’s display also impressed us: carefully chosen colours, architectonic patterns, blend of materials and normal people like us walking alongside models. This kind of things, let me say, gives a human touch to the whole show between so many sylph bodies and haggard faces.



This 080 wasn’t a debate-free edition (just like the previous one, and probably, any forthcoming one); we all read the anonymous letter published by ItFashion, where the organization of the event is harshly criticised. It’s true that the location, in spite of its beauty, wasn’t the most adequate for a winter session; I myself had to ask our mighty director in more than an occasion to warm up my cold hands. Yes, it was freezing, and some illuminated mind came up with the idea of tying up some blankets to metal seats, so that no evil fashion journalist could try and steal them (we are prone to that). We don’t understand why Desigual or Mango could have a parade and supposedly don’t pay for it. Every criterion can be applied when it’s time to giving awards; you might get one because you deserve it, or just because Mars and Venus aligned the night before. No one knows, no one will ever know. The problem with this anonymous letter is that it tries to compare 080 Barcelona Fashion with fashion shows in Berlin or Copenhagen. And this is impossible: this is not Germany, nor Denmark. We don’t have so much money to invest in Fashion, or in Cinema, or in the Arts in general; let alone in things like Education or Healthcare, which, coming up to the point of discussing it, are more important. I think, I have this feeling, and I might be wrong, that the problem with 080 is that it doesn’t know what it wants to be: does it want to be underground, young, THE occasion for Spanish talents or does it want to become a world reference because the “Barcelona brand” is cool and easier to sell than beers on a Saturday Summer night?

The organization wasn’t up to the task, no. It’s been a long time since reality taught us that nobody is perfect and we all do our mistakes, but you can’t make working impossible for journalists. The ignorance about some publications and where they should be seated, the difficulty of working from the audience seats because of the lack of visibility, people without passes or accreditations seated in press places, and, worst of all, moments when some press was sitting a thousand kilometres far from the catwalk and the organisers in the front row. After experimenting all these problems, when we tried to choose a place where we could work, the seats that had been reserved for us, a member of the organization staff reproached us: “Well, you must be happy now, aren’t you?” We stopped listening to that sort of comments by our mothers around ten years ago. We had a laugh about it, like we usually do, because the problem here is not being able to see who’s seated in first and who’s in second row, but who’s here to work and who’s here just as a friend.

So, in conclusion, yes, we had a great time; because some shows were really worth it and we could enjoy them, because we can’t ask for the moon, nor for free bar all night long. And because anything can be criticised, anytime, but boy, criticising comes to be a bit tiring.




080 Barcelona Fashion
Ane Guerra / Andoni Beristain

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