The very well know and respected Italian brand has made a ht with their last collection released this very week in Milan. Catholicism to its maximum level, amazing folklore, loads of mosaics, golden and red strong tones… those have been the main features the designer couple have picked for the next Autumn-Winter, though they had already highlighted the Sicilian tradition in past jobs. The more we saw about the collection the more we screamed, just as if we were deep into the Spanish Easter crying to the Virgin Mary. We are really into all the red outfits shown in the end, the crosses, the crowns and the simulation of frescos ripped up from southern Italian hermitages and put in clothes.


To go to the supermarket to buy onions, for a wedding, to crouch when your lighter has fallen to the ground, to suffer when it’s windy… We love wigs and they’re always a good conversation starter (or laughter starter), but these ones made out of braids are really breathtaking. If you have the money and the next Halloween need a good bush in the head, you know who to call.


We present you Corrado De Biase, a very witty and original brand. None of their collections is similar to the previous one, and all of them are amazing (though, to be honest, we like some better than others). Anyway, each and every of them are like perfectly matching collage creations. A well thought and planned cut and copy with an impeccable artistic direction. It might look a bit bizarre, but don’t be fooled, we are amazed by it!


Months ago we were astonished when we saw Anna Dello Russo’s tutorial-video for H&M. With her collaboration with the firm’s accessories brand as an excuse, Vogue Japan editor-at-large Dello Russo appeared in a brilliant music video, singing a very catchy song (we’d love to see her doing it live) and 10 tips sung by this style icon. About the collection, it was a mixture between all the baroque and the new-rich chavness. But we love Anna, specially because of her characteristic southern Italian accent applicable to any language she speaks and for having so much fun surrounded by countless pairs of shoes and bags of those brand we can’t even dream of.


It’s unbelievable what young Chinese artist Li Hongbo has managed to create out of something as simple as paper. Joining loads of layers (thousands maybe) in a block, Li achieves a solid structure where he can sculpt any kind of form, usually human bodies or skeletons. At first they look like plaster or marble sculptures, but they are actually sheets glued together following a beehive design. When stretched, all the sheets move in a indisputable precision; thus he creates a flexible sculpture that evolves into a scary or morbid piece, a toy for those fetishists that have, at some point desired, to deform someones face with kung-fu movements. As few will be so lucky to deform Li’s work (he’s now exhibiting on the Biennal of Sydney), we recommend you to use that post-it sticker notes that sit on your desk. The useless and out of date encyclopedia collection that takes too much space at home also works.


We’d like to say thank you to Karen Walker for the amazing photo shoot made for her new eyewear collection; she has shown that in the fashion world there are no boundaries nor rules (yes, we do love this concept from the bottom of our heart). Walker has used twelve 65 to 92 year old models and in collaboration with photographer Ari Seth Cohen, it’s impossible not to worship this pics from the very first moment. As Walker told us, they wanted to transmit the huge sense of style that the women on those portraits have; she claims this way that most of these models are not taken seriously because of their age or extravagance. Therefore, she couldn’t have picked up a better name: “Karen Walker Forever”, a satire of all those campaigns starring young white skeleton-looking young girls with the most perfect skin. Fresh air brought by an impeccable campaign, bravo!


Black colour, texture and exaggeration, this is what Rick Owens’ collections are. And, as we expected, his furniture couldn’t be far from that description. The new collection of Maison&Objet is fantastic, though we might be a bit tired of the whole horn thing. We will never be able to afford it (unless we got an extremity cut off and sold in the black market), but we wouldn’t mind at all having a deer chair in our living room, why not? One thing: these pieces are made to be in the middle of the room, not in the corner. If you gave your
liver for payment, show off!


We love barbies at La Monda and we treat them like princesses: daily milk baths, very exclusive and private concerts at home (hell yeah, our editor-in-chief likes singing…), sex slaves (here I am ! the new intern), etc. So, when a few days ago I discovered the woman of my dreams completely out of the blue, I had to act.

Dear Valeria Lukyanova,

Aqua says it all in their song:

– Hi Barbie !

– Hi Ken !
– Do you wanna go for a ride ?

Can’t wait to meet you in person,

Your beloved Ken


This week Betsey Johnson has presented her last collection in the city that never sleeps (a.k.a New York). This woman really knows about how to have fun. Those models that must be tired of the catwalks had the chance of laughing, pulling faces and have fun, speak on the phone or drink in the streets on New York style (having champagne, not Stella beer or cheap wine). The best bit is the ending; all the models, including Betsey Johnson, lay down and start performing their best aerobics moves. From La Monda we can only say: BRAVO.


The evolution of the typical spider lamp is the jellyfish lamp… Voilá! Adam Wallacavage, thanks! There’s no need to say why this piece is La Monda, is there? Our most sincere appreciation for them, humbly we would ask for a prawn lamp, a llama side table, a hedgehog toothbrush and a barnacle stool. We want to decorate our offices with them and compete with any zoo in the hood.