miriam ponsa is cold

We continue with arctic cold inspiring fashion designers, in this case the cold that Miriam Ponsa must be suffering in the northern mountains of Catalunya. She presents very wearable pieces, some oversized delights (like the duvet-coat) and always with a strong reference to tradition and her origins. We loved the music she uses, with similarities to the Basque culture. Following this path, Miriam won the 080 Barcelona Fashion Award, with a €20.000 prize. We are sure that she’ll use it to develop her style; we would also love her to design our La Monda uniforms, but we reckon this will be a bit more difficult to get. Anyway, congratulations Miriam!


Indeed the Pope Benedict XVI wore a funny hat, but not anymore. The head of the Roman, Apostolic, Catholic, Metallic (wait… no, not that) Church will pack his stuff on the 28 th of February and at 8pm will say “goodbye, bitches” while throwing papers on the air and rides the sacred crosier. According to the news, he’s the first Pope in 600 years that leaves the position without having to do it laying in a pinewood box. In La Monda we are fans of the Pope, because nobody can beat his style (let’s face it, viva the baroque and the gold tones) and because his pseudo-nazi past is comparable to the best alcohol fuelled John Galliano. We’re waiting now for Benedict to enter “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”, to launch his music career or to collaborate with Vivianne Westwood. Urbi et orbi for Benedict XVI.


Some days ago we talked about a couple of collections that urged you to go and shimmy in the middle of Greenland dressed like Beyoncé. Here we go again. Here you have 22/4 Hommes Femmes fall-winter 2013-2014 collection. Everyone faces those days when you would’t step out of bed if you could, either because of the cold or just because of laziness. We believe that 22/4 Hommes Femmes thought about that when developing their new collection for the next Winter. All their new designs are mean to face the cold and there’s no better way to do that than carrying the duvet to the street. Even carrying the pillow. For the not so audacious ones, there’s also another option that suggests wearing a bathrobe or a robe/jacket. A nice way to feel at home everywhere.


Just a couple of days ago, H&M released their new ad; “David Beckhamn for H&M”, directed by Guy Ritchie. We can see Becks chasing a car on the streets and gardens in Beverly Hills, wearing only a piece of underwear he himself has designed (in fact, he’s said that the designs are specifically made for Valentine’s night, HELLO?). Foster And The People sound in the background, with their song “Don’t Stop” leading us during the short-film. And that’s exactly what we say to Ritchie, don’t stop! We want more! But, do we want more of Beckham or are we getting a bit tired of him? Everybody seems to get very excited, we’re not anymore. NEXT.


Belgian designer Dirk Bikkembergs’ last collection can make you feel anything but cold. Featured in the last Milan Fashion Week, he suggests to fight the most freezing days of the year with blankets tied around the neck or with the most 80s sky pants the next winter.
If none of this two new project is your cup of tea, you can always choose tight leggins or knit pants matched with sheer silk shirts; a bit ironic to face cold, don’t you think?

woodkid I love you

Woodkid’s new hit is a blast in La Monda. Two days ago they released their new video, and as it’s natural, we keep on falling in love with it at every second. The voice, the music, the use of B&W, the continuum in each and every video, the postproduction, the melody and even the holy water to refresh, it’s a rotund yes. Why not? La Monda approves this message. Be ready for the 18th of March because “The Golden Age”, their acclaimed album, can be yours. 14 songs that in a couple of weeks will be stuck in your head.


Our first Freak! post is dedicated to the 2012 Youtube hit, COLIBRITANY. After Peruvian Wendy Sulca and Delfín Hasta El Fin arrives this latin museum piece that is a blast wherever she goes. She’s created her own Youtube channel and we are convinced that she’s getting rich out of it. What we don’t really know is whether people take her seriously or not. Can she sleep at night? Is she totally aware of what she’s doing? What do her compatriots think about all this? Who wants to be the first to go to South Ecuador? We challenge her. We want her to feature Merche (Marina D’or was a hit) in one of her songs and together conquer the world. By the way, this is the song that made Colibritany a star. Thanks lady for making our whisky and vodka nights happier.

Lo Siento studio

Here comes one of the best and most interesting studios in the Barcelona jungle. Only with its name“Lo Siento” (meaning “I’m sorry” in Spanish) caught our attention; if you later nose around their webpage, you fall in love in a second. Witty ideas, impeccable aesthetic taste and originality; difficult to find nowadays. We love Louis Vuitton’s logo interpretation; they made it suitable to print in nun’s robes and rosaries. Could it be real? Ole.

Rubens collection by Frank Willems

Gather old mattresses, twist and fold them, tie them with a string to a chair and then paint them in a gaudy colour with a rubber spray to make them have that squeezable texture and that shocking look. Ready-made at its best. Simple, nice and suitable for all the family. Don’t get excited, the rest of the products of this dutch won’t take a minute of your lives, but he’s really got it here.

Jeremy Scott (spring / summer 2013)

In September 2012, Jeremy Scott showed in New York some fabulous outfits for this upcoming Spring. His collection, inspired in the “Arab Spring” movement, arouse all sorts of opinions. What it’s obvious is that he doesn’t care and that bad critics don’t really stick in his mind. In fact, controversy is his working method and that’s how he’s made his collections be in the top ten for most expected by the fashionistas each and every season. Leopard print burkas and so on, really suitable for the arab women and their husbands who can presumably be happy to have their birds walking around dressed in that.