Saintest Easter in Spain

Another year, here’s the Saintest Easter, one of the most special dates of the iberian country. For some it’s just a synonym for resting and Benidorm, for others boredom and nothing to watch on TV. On the other hand, for the believers and the devoted Easter means tears, fainting, rain, wind, storm, floods, Antonio Banderas, pain, suffering, Virgins, candles, imagery and trumpets. If by any chance you’re somewhere in Spain and God has sent you to the South, to Andalusia, please do follow our advice and go to the streets to enjoy the show of chants and processions. As an example, watch this video that explains what happens in the country these days. ALEGRÍA (yeah, happiness, that’s what they say).

Etienne Gros’s “Les Mousses”

We have never understood what the purpose of a sponge is: it scratches up and lifts your body’s dirt and then just moves it around to somewhere else. The same goes for feather dusters and dust. We simply refuse to use them. We, on the contrary, will scratch ourselves with our own hands and we do not clean up any dust that there may be. But the artist Etienne Gros’s sponges have something special to them, and while we do not want to ponder exactly how he came up with this idea, it is a kind of special cinnamon, pearl for the eyes. They say that wrinkles are beautiful – we think that those extra kilos one puts on are too – and even more so if it is made in such a simple manner as with a bottom-scratching sponge. See for yourselves and enjoy.

More quirky stools

Because something so simple and basic can give incredible results, we place our bets on it. Here are the latest chairs and stools of Dutch artist Stan Klamer; with mere ribbons and cords he succeeds in reinventing the old-fashioned furniture of our living rooms and transforming it into avant-garde furniture. As almost always, we encourage you from here to follow the evolution of this designer/artist. At the same time we also want to suggest new usages for your dirty old trainers’ shoelaces.


“James, get in there and sing for a bit… Trust me,” someone must have told Sivu aka James Page. The poor youth got into a magnetic resonance imaging machine without a clue of what he was doing, but the thoughtless move turned out quite well for him. The final result: his new video. We can’t say much more – we’ve seen it so many times that it’s ended up growing on us.


Two Vivian Westwood nudes plus a photo of Nirvana, contrasted with a cute little kitten. Who is the author? Of course, because it is La Monda! We are speaking of Juergen Teller, the magnificent fashion photographer who is noted for, among other things, his Marc Jacobs campaigns, Puma or Helmut Newton, or even his personal work. Capable of playing with octopuses, with the juxtaposition of dumps and the most fashionable models of the moment, with corporal explorations or even with autobiographical images… All of this and much more are examples of the work of the magnificent artist. This German is sure to shock you! Where? At the ICA in London. Therefore, ladies and gentleman, come by and see.


If some years ago someone would have said that John Galliano was going to work with Oscar de la Renta, everyone would have said that that was pure heresy. But, hey ho, things change. Via a press release signed by the one and only Oscar de la Renta we got informed that the house has hired Galliano, highlighting the need of the fashion world for this creative character and building a very strange couple of opposites with this agreement. We are really thankful for the middleman work that the queen bee Anna Wintour has done; this arrangement wouldn’t have been possible without her. This decision might have moved some minds that wouldn’t be able to give the divine forgiveness to Galliano for his inadequate behaviour (alcohol and drug wise we mean, the nazi ideas are not a forgivable thing); in the end, what would’ve happened to the world of art without those troubled minds? We really appreciate the existence of those people that fail every day, because if
you’re looking for perfection, you can always buy a Barbie. We hope that this contribution lasts for a long time, because it’s easy to see the success that the union between elegance and transgression can be. From that brotherhood now we are able to see amazing dresses in the Galliano extreme colours on the classic beauty of the Oscar de la Renta woman. Bravo for this second chance.


Many of us felt the urge to rescue our Star Wars collectibles or throw ourselves deep into the Star Treck memorabilia when we saw Mugler’s new collection for AW 2013/2014. Military boots, aviator jackets, coats and vests that could easily fit into the bulletproof denomination are some of the pieces that are part of one of the most innovative collections of the brand. Designed by Nicola Formichetti and Romain Kremer, they found the inspiration in military uniforms, but using new fabrics and velcro.Futurism at its best in radioactive neon colour suits.


One of our beloved Anna Dello Russo’s last works as a stylist (for Vogue Brazil) is full of nuns, crosses, female priests, saints and varied imagery. She uses the longest rosaries, baroque dresses and suits, little discretion and loads of humour. We suppose that the photographer of the shooting Giampaolo Sgura has the same aesthetic taste as our favourite stylist so we open the door for them to take some pics for our La Monda world.


An indisputable masterpiece is what this young Englishman has released. With all the critics on his side, 19 year old Jake Bugg, presented his folk and country soaked first album after Glastonbury made him famous on 2011, when he was just 17. Some months later he was signed by Mercury Records and started recording singles; it’s not strange then that well known bands like The Killers, Stone Roses or Noel Gallagher have counted on him as a supporter band. His guitar playing is as powerful as his image, that’s why, and staking their claim in favour of the pure British style, Fred Perry has signed young Bugg as their image. He really looks like you know who, by the way. Anyway, we hope he doesn’t suffer from the same tragic ending as other next-big-things; for this reason we don’t want to say anything like “he’s got a big potential”. We prefer to encourage you to listen to songs like “Two Fingers”, “Lightning Bolt” or “Trouble Town”.


Loads of shoulder pads, mini sunglasses, crosses, square bowler hats, briefcases and even skirts, all together, that’s what Thom Brown offers us for the next A/W, that, by the looks of it, it’s going to be freezing. We loved the event he organised in Paris last January, specially because our editor Guillaume was hitting the wooden structure with a hammer until he had to stop in tiredness (yes, we do have the video that proves it). A non conventional but attractive collection suitable for men that want to be stared at.