We present you with the ‘astounding,’ or at least strange, work of German artist Uwe Schramm. After working in multiple fields of art and design, he decided to leave it all to work on his own particular way of seeing things, thus beginning to investigate the new ways of understanding marketing and publicity. From La Monda we thank him eternally for the fact that he allows us to enter a bizarre world that lets us see things from a different point of view. Are you tired of those conventional jewelry ads? Then have a look at his proposals, trust us. (His interesting re-interpretation of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ leaves us in awe). He is an authentic expert in making use of the most basic objects or food items that can be found in any house. Whatever he may possibly be described as, it is definitely worth following his artistic trajectory.


Animal lover, defender of gay people, fashion guru, best friend and great person… all these descriptions can be applied to Honey Boo Boo, the princess of Georgia state (USA) and the prodigal daughter of La Monda Magazine. 

Lately, our young star, who assiduously attends the United States’ beauty contests as well as KFC, has been bludgeoned by critics for her TV show ‘Here comes Honey Boo Boo’. The programme depicts the life of the young girl and her relationship with her family, especially with her mother who is accused of giving her drugs, or, as Honey Boo Boo puts it, ‘nice little juices that make me happy’.

Dear Honey, here from La Monda, we give you all of our support for you to pursue your career as a rising star of children’s catwalks. You have entered the club of young promising children like Lindsay Lohan or the Olsen sisters, good luck!


We are so very excited about this Daft Punk Get Lucky’s cover we’ve just found. We were quite fed up of listening to the original one everywhere already and voila! Out of nowhere comes our friend George (honestly, we can’t understand how one guy can play so many things at the same time) and makes us throw ourselves into a spiral of, again, Get Lucky. We love it and have already set it as our new morning alarm; watch out because soon we’ll upload our own cover played with all sorts of Basque folk instruments (see picture attached). You can also see the the robot itself dancing to it after going all Pilates in his room.


Chorégraphie – Daft Punk – Get Lucky por Spi0n


Here comes the story of four freaks from Leeds who want to be known beyond their label so they resort to three classical tools to become famous: 1. They set up a band 2. They give it a very cool name such as ‘Alt-J’ 3. They look for a symbol to represent them and nothing works better (and is fucking more cliché) than a triangle. That’s when you start laughing while thinking, ‘I’m so fed up with stupid pricks that try to be hipsters’. Well, we agree with you on that one, but the thing is that those guys are actually really good. That’s why we invite you to enjoy their music. It helps us wake up in the morning, it motivates us through the afternoon and it puts us on fire at night to make out with anyone. Whenever you listen to them the time is just right and each video they release will leave you hypnotised behind your screen. Bullfighters, Raphael, Gothic stained-glass, backwards videos… This has already been seen before but they still find ways to surprise you.


What would it be of the fashion world without its typical scandals that we are so used to? This time it’s the turn of French fashion house Louis Vuitton. Time and time again models have been labelled as been selling their bodies in front of a camera, but we couldn’t care less about this debate, nor could we care about those trying to get at some philosophical point about it or those who are outraged by it all. In this latest video from the French fashion house their stand couldn’t have been clearer. With a ‘Madame’ like Marc Jacobs, the fiercer critics would also make themselves beautiful to walk the streets.

‘And they lived happily ever after.’ Really ??! No shit!

I don’t blame Disney for wanting to make me believe in a future with Prince Charming, a peaceful kingdom and loyal subjects. They just intend to make us dream after all… But anyway, ‘shit happens’ and disillusions come along: my castle has shrunk into the size of a matchbox bedroom with no view, bugs and rats have invaded the not so peaceful kingdom and don’t get me started on Prince Charming… Somehow when you look at someone else’s misery you are often overcome by a (petty) sense of relief, and well, when you find out in this video about the ‘after ever after’ of Pocahontas, Arielle, Belle and Jasmine, that will be REVENGE enough, muhahahahahaha !!!


Is there a fine line between beauty and the grotesque?

The answer to this question is the quest of US artist Kate MacDowell, who creates sculptures that play with life and death. With her delightful works of art she expresses and criticises the current environmental catastrophe caused by climate change and pollution. As such, sometimes with a comic touch and some other times with a gruesome one, we discover her world of decaying animal corpses and anthropomorphism. These unique specimens are worth displaying in crystal boxes. We aren’t too sure whether she succeeds or not in bringing about awareness to her cause but what is certain is that she does have a true talent in making eccentric works of art that a lot of people would dream of having displayed in their living rooms.


Mix Jesus Christ with the idea of playing with dolls, add a bit of Gaga and… that’s it! The concept of this ‘web-artist’ (as he refers to himself, although we’re not too sure about this designation) is as simple as entertaining. Take Jesus Christ in his very well known pose and dress him up. A bit of Marilyn here, then put him in a sadomasochist garment there. You can even dress him up with other Gods’ clothes that rock. Try the plebeian look or the Wizard of Oz one and when you get tired of that put him in the Star Wars one. What a lovely and entertaining way of procrastinating…