3kg before summer’, ‘four sports to burn fat’, ‘special issue: diet tricks to stay thin’,… As usually occurs when the summer approaches, such delightfully vane articles on the holy diet and her BFF, sports, flourish like bad weeds all over us. Without a doubt, someone must be interested in the subject… so, exclusively today, we introduce you to the new trendy fitness program from Zumarraga to Scottville: ZUUUUMBA! Maybe it was just for its name, but we had to try it, and so we went to a Zumba lesson with our hidden camera and had a blast: the class was full of ‘bombas latinas’, the choreography was outrageously provocative, the music was Next-Gen (Jennifer Lopez)… I stand out a bit with my blue tee-shirt, but since that session I have improved my synchronization a lot… and I burnt off so many calories! Thanks to Zumba, because you’re worth it!


Because of the lack of interesting trompe l’oeil these last months, an unexpected couple of artists has emerged. The photographer Dean West and the sculptor Nathan Sawaya have teamed up to lengthen the life of the very well known LEGO. Together they gather their strength and when one is making sculptures the other puts them in his snapshots. Let’s play where’s Wally! We warn you, it’s addictive.


Are you a young lady from the Italian countryside just about to turn 18? Do you know how to show off your large wardrobe from the little local market and make your best friends envious? Don’t worry, we La Monda understand your suffering and because of it we present you with the new style that is really making it big in the Italian countryside: the prediciottesimo! It involves taking all your patterned clothing and alternating them while walking through your town posing in ways you learnt off of America’s Next Top Model to the rhythm of Italian hits from the 80s and 90s. The stiff next pose and the predetermined iMovie effects are a sure hit! Good luck, friend!


From our beloved Barcelona, Héctor and his brand Hache Creativa have us completely enamored of their HACHE lamps, as well as of their brooms and other various creations, etc… You already know that we love novelty and a bit of the eccentric, as well as the reusable and the humorous, for which here we leave you with a clear example of that which is also “Made in Spain.” Have you moved on to the dish washer because you are tired of washing dishes? Do you have a robot that cleans your halls and do you therefore not need your old broom? Contact Héctor and he is sure to find some use of all that old junk you have had in your storage room for too long.