Kidult paints against/for Chanel

I have to admit I’m a bit confused. Kidult (artist-activist-graffiti creator) struck again. Last week, taking advantage of Paris Fashion Week, the adult-kid painted Chanel’s windows with a big “50% OFF – CRISIS SALE”. So I, along with many other people, questioned myself: is Chanel responsible for all this? Is Kidult making such a naïve protest that it in fact results in him doing a favour for the brand? This summer he painted a Marc Jacobs shop with a big “686”, hinting to the exaggerated prices of his T-shirts. Marc Jacobs then came back with a series of T-shirts that had the “686” logo printed on them. Tut, tut… Kidult, you’ll have to think of a better way not to benefit them.

Paint and color artists. Minna Gilligan.

I’m not doing it out of bad will, nor am I jealous, I swear. Minna Gilligan considers herself an artist, and that is perfectly respectable. Her technique is extraordinary. And when I say extraordinary, I’m really saying ‘extraordinary for someone older than a six-year-old’. Felt pens, glue, old magazines and poetry, and here you are! Apparently stupid but with psychedelic and nostalgic touches that make me think there’s a place for her in the art market. Simple and sentimental. And I tell myself: Fuck! I should have thought of that in the first place.

Starwin – Boys Noize

This morning we woke up in a party mood (and I was particularly in need of a good “candela”) so we decided to go directly to Venice Beach, California. This sunny, palm-tree paradise, filled with people still living in the ‘80s, and still bearing fanny packs unsurprisingly has a lot of fans, us included. Boys Noize also had their mind set on it, especially on a local tribe: roller-skaters. Watch the video (check out the prehistoric American hippie –min 1:25– and the mysterious rubber man –min 2:12–) and try to answer this question: Who best represents genius in its true form? Madonna with her skates and neat choreography in “Sorry”, or those two men putting it together on the beach? We think fame should be divided better (and also that Madonna should have long been placed in formalin).

Collecting dishes. Artefacto.

In every respectable Spanish family the best dishes are well hidden, and mother takes them out of the hideout only when mother-in-law (that is, your granny on father’s side) is invited, or when she has to clean the cupboard they’re in. Meanwhile, you just have to get used eating from those faded and cracked dishes year after year, and you can call yourself lucky if there are two identical dishes in the service. Yet, stay calm: we actually take care of everything, and we suggest to you a totally kitsch and surrealist way out. Here are some dishes that are authentic artworks to fight boredom during family meals. Thank you Artefacto!

Things with face

It seems we are not the only ones who see faces everywhere, and this makes us feel better. Welcome to the bizarre world of faces on inanimate objects. They are everywhere: from a rancid cucumber to a big-jawed pepperoni. As you can see, life as an unemployed can offer a lot.


It’s quite obvious that we’re going through hard times and nothing seems to be easy. Loads of Spanish youngsters run away from the country to try and find (sometimes luckily) new opportunities. Standing out in the world of design has become something nearly impossible, and finding commissioned work, a result of alcohol fuelled prayers. This time, our pleas have been listened by Patricio Binaghi, audiovisual producer and the one behind the new project “Atelier des Jeunes”. With an impeccable commissary work and a jury with names such as Juan Gatti, Rafael Doctor Roncero, Luis Venegas, Enric Pastor and Lucas Arraut, Binaghi has gathered 33 young Spanish artist and created an online platform where their exclusive work will be sold. Also, the price will be affordable: 150€. Like, the website will be on fire!

The future of the Made in Spain art is promising. This time, thanks to Patricio Binaghi, we’ll be able to discover, follow and buy something from these 33 artists chosen by the Spanish emerging arts guru. Moreover, the project will soon be exhibited in galleries around the country and beyond the borders. You’re welcome to have a look, and, why not, make a purchase!

Mikel Pascal, Cesar Segarra, Javier de Riba, Lara Costafreda and Unaitxo


In the vacuum you live better. Flesh Love.

“Flesh is flesh, and what’s better than to store it in a vacuum?” This must have been the thought process of Japanese photographer Hal, when he initiated the concept for his project Flesh Love. In order to get these colorful portraits, he simply squeezed some couples into a plastic vacuum pack, showing how poetic butchery can be. Next time we fear he will present to us “Life in a Tupperware: how kitchen receptacles take their revenge on mothers all over the world”.

Yugoslavia’s Musical Industry

You know how much we love freaky things with a bit of rancid to it. As you surely are aware from our commentaries on South America’s peculiar music style or Japan’s curious inventions, bad taste knows no barriers or cultural boundaries. This time, in order to show a new insight on bad taste culture, we decided to focus on Eastern Europe, and more precisely on former Yugoslavia. We didn’t know anything about the musical tradition of this extinct country, and how interesting his crappy aesthetics could be. Here we show you a collection of CD covers, which compete directly (in a sort of rancid festival) with the CDs we could find at any gas station in our country: from a country lady showing the goods on an ancient Soviet car to a Santa Klaus showing signs of multiple drug addictions. In Yugoslavian musical industry there’s a bit for everybody’s taste, just come and see!

PS. A video that can show you that the quality of the collection is really something of a kind.

Let’s have a bite of Karsten Wegener’s Wurst Art

The sentence “Darling, don’t play with food” echoes in everybody’s ears here at La Monda, a cruel reminder of when our parents tried to repress our first artistic impulses that drove us to make castles with cookies, games with Mikados, frescos with beet juice on the walls… Luckily, it seems someone else had a much easier time playing with food during his childhood. That’s the case of German photographer Karsten Wegener, who reinterprets some classics of contemporary art with a local, iconic product: Frankfurters! So in the pork meat section we get Edvard Munch’s Ham Scream, Jeff Koons’ Sausage Caniche, Van Gogh’s Mortadella Sunflowers, Damien Hirst’s Sausage Mother and Son… Is that homage or jest? In each case… Enjoy your meal!


You, beloved readers, know that in La Monda we are honest people that aren’t easy to cajole with a few cocktails and some sweets (at least, not for this). And that we always tell you our most sincere opinion. In this case, a very positive opinion. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to the Pretty Little Thing online store new collection launch party held at the Disco Club in London, where we had a preview of their new clothing pieces. Inspired in the 90s decade and mixing it up with a punk twist, we saw lot of long dresses, studs, sequins and velvet and all designed to be really stylish (heaven of hipsters, Dalston is cheering!). But, above all, what caught our eye was the affordable price of the items; let’s face it, we are all very cool, but also rather poor. So, totally up for it. The funny moment of the night happened when we were apparently surrounded by X-Factor celebs and our Editor, due to her absentminded general tendency, didn’t even notice.