Darkside makes us horny

Futurist blues, phantasmagoric electronic music, deep minimal… These are the adjectives the critics used, followed by innumerable compliments, to describe Nicolas Jaar’s new project, alongside guitarist Dave Harrington. Under the name of what could potentially be a creepy death metal band, Darkside delivers a series of 8 songs, enriched with a contrast between bass and deep sounds and Jaar’s own castrato falsettos. We affirm, though, that in spite of the numerous tags reviewers have tried to place on this album, nothing can better summarise it as the concept elaborated here at La Monda of “pornosoundtrack”. This means that as soon as you listen to it you want to “copulate”. Or maybe that’s just me, and the rest of you think it’s the best sound track possible for a dishwashing session. Leaving personal opinions aside, listen to Paper Trails (which is a masterpiece) and decide for yourself.

Art… Oh, shit! WIM DELVOYE

What is the common denominator between Cloaca, the poo machine; and some Disney tattooed pigs, Jesus with Louis Vuitton marks, and a chapel decorated with windows displaying porn and scat images? The answer is Wim Delvoye. This Belgian artist explores the limits of the art market in a globalised world: with Cloaca, a machine that replicates the human digestive system, selling his production of shit to the highest bidder. Moreover, in his Art farm in China, he breeds pigs -which he later tattoos- to collectors who observe the development of their pig via webcams, until death comes to turn them into pieces of art. With “Tim”, back in 2006, he managed to sell a tattoo on Tim Steiner’s shoulder for €15,0000; Steiner got a third of the sum in exchange for being on show in museums and art galleries during 3 or 4 weeks a year, according to his collector’s will. Wim Delvoye’s art fascinates us for the deep dissonances it provokes. With its improbable juxtapositions between different worlds, it leaves us with uncertainty between an ecstatic contemplation of beauty and a harsh questioning of our own age.

Gastronomy and fashion: SUSHICAT (NEKOZUSHI)

Let’s take two random concepts and create a trend that can rock in every part of the world, this was the exercise a small group of Japanese scholars tried out with the marvelous fusion that is Neko-sushi, or sushicat (Neko being the Japanese word for cat). Sushicats are fancy dresses for cats in the shape of various types of sushi. Why? We don’t know, but the real question should be: why not?
Cats look like they’re having a great time disguised as the most famous delicacies of the Rising Sun Empire, and that’s perfectly logic: who wouldn’t dream of being one day a tasty nigiri? The idea was so successful that a whole series of drawings with the sushicats as protagonists was realized. This proves once more how an advanced country is Japan: we hope that in some years also Spanish cats could be stars, appearing with their tortilla or Burgos’ morcilla costumes.

Disclaimer: no Sushicat was harmed during the filming of the video; it’s all a work of fiction. We know we had you worried here.

The Grrrl-Girl: Kate Moross

Even though apparently she looks 8 years old, this illustrator is no older than 26 and she’s going to be a future idol for the masses. Her I-can-do-it attitude she applies to everything is appalling, and makes her literally shine (just like the pastel and fluorescent colors she uses for her works). She’s the Queen of the DIY, capitalist version (that is to say, smart) and the only person who could use the Spice Girls and the “Riot Grrrl” as references in the same sentence, a sentence with some sense, actually. Her projects cover various fields of interest: illustrations, video clips (Simian’ Mobile Disco, just to mention one of them) and surely anything you could suggest her, all dressed up in a variety of textures, triangles and illegible typographies.

Confetti system soup

It is really admirable that from something as aberrant and unpleasant as confetti (let’s assume this: a party with confetti always ends in tragedy) could come out something as genuinely attractive as what Confettisystem collective did. Taking the confetti as a starting point, this multidisciplinary brand creates installations in between a piece of art and a piñata designed by a hyperedulcorated version of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada that gives life to pop-up stores, magazine covers or advertising campaigns. Confettisystem is rocking right now, with installations for artists like Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Beyoncé, an exhibition at the MOMA and, among many other things, even the organization of the children parties of our beloved Spanish Minister Ana Mato.

Museum of Broken Relationships

Meetic and edarling didn’t work out and it came out that the supposed superhandsome lawyer was in reality your psychopath neighbor of the fifth floor? You woke up this morning and you realized that the guy who followed you home out from the disco was in reality some kind of gloomy damp monster? Be as it may be, for those of you who pass through new love disappointments each day a new, wonderful, and exciting museum has been born. The “Broken relationships museum” is an itinerant museum, where the most absurd objects are collected and put on the show, after being kindly donated by the most annoyed couples. So you better start searching your household for those forgotten or hated gifts your ex left you with; from wedding rings to forgotten briefs, anything goes for this museum, which is a perennial memento to human’s questionable social nature.

The alternative limb project for disabled people

Alternative limb project reinvents the typical anatomic prostheses. They stop being a strictly functional element to become something that withholds an important aesthetic value. Oliveira, the project’s designer, affirms that these designs are for people who are not afraid to show their disabilities. So from the virtual pages of La monda we also say: big ups for plastic “arts”!

Paris Fashion Week, SS2014

The Paris Fashion Week is over, and now we can take a look back at what went on. It was one of the most hectic Fashion Weeks of the last seasons, and if you don’t believe so, check out American designer Rick Owens’ models: stomp dancing dancers (if you still don’t know what stomp dancing is, google is there to help you) who had to learn a 12 minutes long “choreography”. Real size models screaming and moving like real Amazons, most of them Afro-Americans, right when controversy about the lack of black models on the catwalks is at its highest moment. An innovative way to present clothing, which, aside from letting the design part stand out, caused more than some assistant to break into tears.

But these models weren’t the only ones to bring dance onto the catwalk. Gaultier recreated a dancing contest where the models were dancing to the beats of the 80’s, represented not only by music, but also in style, because the leather, the fringes and the tulle were the protagonists of the parade. We also mustn’t forget the presence, on magnificent jackets and bags, of his mythical stripes. A delight for the people attending the event.

Music was also protagonist during the show of the duo Viktor & Rolf, where models walked on the notes of a Pink Floyd remix, the perfect soundtrack for a sober collection of high school teens, wrapped up in black, white and blue blazers and gowns.

Even though some of the major brand’s stagings – like Givenchy’s car crash in the middle of the street, Chanel’s art gallery or Moncler’s skating gorilla – really impressed us, the biggest news this week was Marc Jacobs’ farewell to Vuitton. And of course, his goodbye couldn’t be more elegant, with a small retrospective dedicated to his trajectory for the French brand, as a whole rather gloomy and eccentric, vaguely resembling a burial (well, we wouldn’t really mind it was our own, with all those feathers, glitters, eroticism and exhibitionism that we love so much). An adieu that closes an era, a season in which the great brands placed their bets on designers who would later renew the world of fashion industry.

Such a triumphal farewell can only serve as a welcome for a new generation of designers: curious about the first signing? Well, it was JW Anderson for Loewe.
So we can already assure you: if this Fashion Week was somehow frantic, have your seat belt fastened for next year, because there are some turbulences coming.


Once again… Japanese artists. But if these artists also filled their CV with some London studies, chances are you can get some spectacular artists like Maiko Takeda. Her last piece of work? Nothing more and nothing less than a series of “headdresses and hats” that defy logic and space physics. This project, called “Atmospheric Reentry”, takes us to a world where visual effects created by colors and textures, skewers, plectrums and peacock feathers leave us staring in amazement, suspended and overjoyed, as usual. This impressive result was achieved by using only small fragments of film and acrylic discs. And let’s reveal a small gossip to our readers: Bjork has already been caught with one of her “headdresses”!


Contrary to the usual corny wedding pictures –and there are loads- TRASH THE DRESS consists in trashing your immaculate dress until your body says enough. For sure, it works as well like the icing on the cake if your friends haven’t got tired yet of your wedding pictures and you want to give them the final visual blow with your latest wedding photoshoot. Although the trend started in 2011 in Las Vegas ‘thanks to’ the fashion photographer John Michael Cooper, we fear that this could spread fiercely in Spain, may god protect us. And although the trend is meant to be anti-mega-corny-pictures, every time a wedding dress comes out… it just looks so dopey. Even if you want it, don’t let yourself fooled!