Ode to little hair lost

3D postcards are an authentic wonder, and more if they can entertain us. This same thought must have crossed the maybe a little perturbed mind of Silke Baltruchat. The fact is, she’s right. With so much wax and so much epilation nowadays, we are forgetting the daily pleasure of dedicating some of our time in contemplation of our own glorious fur. That’s the reason why, if we had those postcards right in front of us, we wouldn’t stop doing knots, braids and curls with someone else’s pubic hair, finally made public by this artist.


From La Monda we would like to congratulate Ángel Vilda, César Olivares y Verónica Raposo, the trio of fashion designers behind Brain & Beast, who after the latest edition of ‘el 080’ (fashion week in Barcelona), won the prize for the best collection. (We’ve been slow in voicing our praise, but here we are, better late than never).
In this summer collection the oversized clothes, the fashion prints, the scarfs and the floral prints take centre stage. Amongst the best outfits we find the so characteristic denim jackets and trousers from the brand, which goes perfectly well with the silk shirts, polos or cardigans.
But, without a doubt, the best pieces were in the accessories and in the mise-en-scène of the show: the silk scarfs, the electronic cables instead of belts and handbags with stitches.
A striking point? The patterns with the superposition of fabrics, which creates volumes on basic clothes, hence giving a fresh and new look.

Congratulations for the prize! 12 points for you!


It’s obvious that from whatever level we consider – whether it is from the industrial, economic or production levels – the Japanese have some years – or even some decades – of a lead ahead of us. These smart brains from the Asian continent always make an impression with such creativity, even though at times they may be the only ones able to understand their instruments, engines or whatever other unidentifiable odd gadgets they may make. Their creations can easily range from total failures to absolute wonders to humankind. If taking sides, we declare ourselves loyal supporters of Japanese inventions, no matter how little our boss may or may not be interested in that country’s inventions.


You are ugly, deal with it. You are so ugly that even after so many years spent together you are still not used to your own face. You are scared each time you meet a mirror and you brush your teeth with your eyes shut to avoid your reflexion in the mirror. Since you want to hide your face, you have tried everything. You cover yourself with a fluorescent radioactive cucumber beauty mask and you refuse to wash it off till your skin is as dry and cracked as the Murcia countryside; you buy cereals and you just throw them away so as to keep the boxes to feel the relief of hiding your face under them, and despite this, you still cry (under the cereals box of course). You cry like a baby (the ugly and hairy ones just newly born) because the easiest thing to do would be to hide your face under a plastic bag, but you are too cool for this common remedy. Here at La Monda we want you to be happy, we are here for you; that is why we introduce you to the Maison Margiela masks. Cooler, trendier and a lot more daring than anything else you tried before. And you know: if you aren’t satisfied with it, we give you your money back.


After graduating from the Royal College of Art and winning the Diesel price, a dream has come true for Xiao Li, our new fashion talent. Influenced by modern architecture and the designs of Balenciaga from the 60’s, Xiao has succeeded in mixing stitches, silicone and colour with a great deal of exquisite oversized taste which left us stood in awe. 
Who doesn’t want the same jacket? And… who amongst you girls (and some of you boys) doesn’t want to show off his feet like this ? 
Enjoy her collection!