It’s raining cats

You’ve woken up early, and when you open the curtains waiting for the sun to shine you see cats raining from the sky instead. All this wonder should be in black and white, to make the scene even more surreal and cinematographic. Cool, right? Well, it’s not going to happen. There might be some frog rain, because the Bible says so, but cats? Never ever!

Maybe it was the pain caused by knowing this dream would never come true that made French duo Mrzyk&Moriceau (also creators of the fantastic video “Look” for Sébastien Taller, or, as it’s more widely known, “the video with the swaying ass”) start to film cats in slow motion and with totally pop aesthetics. And of course, the combination with the super tune “Systematic” by Australian group Midnight Juggernauts ensured further success to this masterpiece. We leave you to enjoy with all your senses all these cute slow-motion kittens. Meow!

Muriel Nisse’s masks

Since we started La Monda, we have become more and more acquainted with the wonderful world of masks, something we were quite ignorant about. Colors, volumes, fringes, pearls, papers, decorations, isolating tape, hair, sponge, grease, ropes… Well, an innumerable list of materials we thought were only needed for exercises of Interior Design or to decorate Barbies on our shelves. But no! Masks are fashionable, and everything we’ve mentioned to you, after being mixed together and arranged for the purpose, can give life to true masterpieces, like Muriel Nisse’s. Here is a vast collection of pictures from one of her best works. I can tell you one thing, from a personal point of view; if you ever see a big boned guy strolling around Barcelona’s streets, don’t be scared, it’s just plain old me with my new obsession.

Gosia Baczynska, total Discothèque

Since fashion is not just Paris or Milan, today we want to talk about a Polish designer, Gosia Baczynska, whose resemblance to Antony Hegarty (singer of “Antony and the Johnsons”) is more than alarming. Leaving gossip aside, we want to focus on her last collection, “I feel love”, for the spring/summer season 2014. Even though this collection was presented in Paris, this young designer really brings on the stage something different, fresh and new; as you can see from her works, inspired in the Disco era, with fabric treated like canvas, where the designer painted and stamped personally, creating authentic wonders.

Yoko Ono – Bad dancer

“When your heart is dancing, your mind is bouncing, bounce, bounce, bounce. I’m a bad dancer”. No, it’s not the lyrics from the latest hit by Sonia&Selena. It’s the new song by the artist actress ex-hippie Yoko Ono. Her career as a singer dates back to 1971, when she joined forces with John Lennon. In the new video of the 80-year-old lady we can find artists like Roberta Flack (“Killing me softly”), Beasty Boys, Reggie Watts, Heems, etc. So ladies and gentlemen, here comes the bad dancer, Yoko Ono.

Ostrich people! I mean… Ostrichpillow!

How many times have we fallen asleep somewhere, waking up with our head feeling as though it had a party on a rollercoaster, while its friend the neck hurts so much that you can perfectly calculate how much your head weighs… Well, my friends, THIS IS THE PAST! A year ago, design studio Kawamura-Ganjavian created Ostrichpillow! A revolutionary and fun invention which lets you fall asleep stealthily and comfortably in the office, at school, at the library… And with the desire to go even further, here comes their new product: Ostrichpillow light! Lighter and more portable, so you can have a nap also on planes, trains, buses or even while standing in queue at the grocery shop. This is Siesta revolution!

Teddy Bears by Mark Nixon

Admit it, there are two things you’d definitely take to the grave with you: your lies and your Teddy Bear Bobo (but also Teddy, Coco, Pipi, whatever the name). How can you not love the stuffed being that warmed you up during cold winter nights and that you embraced during the sweaty nightmares that Chucky the Clown caused you? But time goes by: you are now a full grown adult, and your Teddy bear looks like a rave addicted even though he has spent his whole life in your bed. It’s eye-blind, lame, and its ears are loose; nonetheless, you still love it like the first day. We’ve all felt this kind of unreal love, and since we are good busybodies, we want to know the stories of other people, too. Perfectly aware of this, photographer Mark Nixon portrayed and investigated the history of 65 veteran Teddy bears. The 21 most lovely Teddy Bears (and surely most loved) made it into a book that will help you to state once again that your Teddy bear, as scruffy as it may be, is still the best in the world.

Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters)

Cuba… Oh, Cuba is such a good place, full of good cigars, voluptuous women and producer of millions of key chains with the face of Che Guevara on them. These are just some of the images that come to our minds when we think about the island… Well, these and those of the wonderful advertising campaigns of Ron Brugal.

The reason I’m writing this post is that one couldn’t expect that from such a touristic paradise could come out a multidisciplinary art group as promising as Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters). From hyperrealistic drawings of objects used in everyday life and repeated to repletion to installations that could as well figure in the catalogue of contemporary art museums, passing through rethinking of the basic concepts of furniture design, nothing escapes the investigating eye of this Cuban group that is actually rocking the world. From here at La Monda you are warned: don’t turn your eyes away from this Cuban group; who knows, maybe one day they could rethink the whole concept of Che Guevara souvenirs and take our souls with it.

Virgin? Not here! By Soasig Chamaillard

We thought we knew pretty much anything about Virgins (Macarena, Guadalupe, Montserrat, Pilar and Carmen among many others less famous). As good worshippers, we admired them and praised them, thinking they were the only ones, the real thing. We even asked ourselves whether or not we should have bought one of their statues to place it on top of the TV, next to the Spanish bull and Lola la Flamenca. But we’ve discovered a new virginal world that we would never have thought of. These new virgins are cooler, closer and more accessible, more like (and for) us. Here are all of them (and they’re French, too!): Sainte Barbie, in fuchsia and platinum gold, Super Marie with her flying robe, Sainte Moon waiting to take you back to your childhood, and also Nouvelle Moon to show you the stars. They’re all there for you, you just have to pick your favorite and see where it goes. We thank you Soasig Chamaillard, you created our perdition and you are now our God.

Jorge Penedés, national product

Here, just for you, there are some samples of Jorge Penadés’ furniture. He’s a young, talented product designer living in Malaga. Out of his work his candelabrum really stands out; we want it to decorate all our tables, and also to perform rituals, why not? We also recommend you to check out his last project, “Nomadic Chair”, that invites us to rethink our ideas about contemporary furniture, offering new perspectives in a more ephemeral context. In his own right words, “Luxury is not something about comfort anymore. Nowadays, luxury means being able to decide where you want to have a peaceful moment, a chance to escape the frenzy of contemporary lifestyle”. So boys and girls, you already know, you better start saving money and go visit him during the upcoming event Product Design Madrid, from the 21 to the 24 November.


Last summer we could assist to the explosion of the latest trends in bathing suits, yet for us nothing can beat the invention that caused China to go crazy: Facekini. It’s a kind of balaclava adapted to the aquatic environment and totally customizable; this means it’s universally fitting! The purpose of this brilliant gadget is to avoid sunbathing, because in Asian society a fair complexion is linked with a higher social status. Are we going to see the latest fashion novelty conquer our beaches? Benidorm prepare yourself!