Brittany Cohen, we want you at La Monda

Just a glance to our covers reveals how much we love still lives. That’s the reason why we are so fond of New York artist Brittany Cohen and her work, which manifests her perfect control of colors, used to give life to still objects and thus creating provocative images, charged with a strong sense of visual attraction. At the moment she has three photographic projects ongoing: “The Feminine”, “Adolescence” and “Sugar Coated”. It sounds promising just by the names, right?

The curious and intriguing Fuet magazine

As we told you last time, we are very demanding when it comes to anything related with the editorial world. Well, demanding, or picky, who knows. We have a different taste, and this taste totally corresponds with our personality. We talked to you about Toilet Paper Magazine and how much we love it. This time we want to introduce you to a new editorial wonder, made between Barcelona and Madrid, Fuet Magazine. Yes, Fuet. This small salami you like so much. Eduardo Garcia (Fucking Young, Hype You.Tv and many other things) and Maria Arranz (Le Cool Madrid and many other things, too) joined forces to launch this new printed magazine (designed by Cordova-Canillas studio) where we can read and see so many curiosities around the world of kitchen and food. You already know, dear readers, please support Spanish talent!

Bizarre hats

For some people, being as original as the designers from the ‘50s -especially the mid century UK designers- would be a great achievement. In the era of the economic boom and massive advertisement, creativity was at its most extravagant climax; a good example is shown in this video, where a housemaid and her housework are transformed into a potential fashion melting pot. A collection of hats for every moment is presented: some of the best pieces are the wringer bonnet, the teapot hat, the tripe hat… And above all, the real star, the funnel hat, especially useful in rainy days. Hooray for kitchen-fashion!


As you know, we like to open your minds and guide you through the perilous path of novelty, truth and surprise. We want to be like a better-dressed version of Moses for you. So today we want to show you something that left our mouths wide open and caused some other thing to stir (oh yeah). Ok, here we go: in Bhutan, an Asian country you’ve probably never heard of (and you’ll now understand why) there is a ritual to attract good luck and drive the devil away. The ritual consists in drawing enormous penises; not like the ones you draw on the foreheads of your sleeping friends, but extremely elaborate penises on the walls. If this wasn’t enough, you also have to place some little wooden replicas of the penis in all the corners of the house, lest the devil find a spot without a menacing, sharp, pointed prick to enter your house. The truth is that even we would have to take a step back in front of so many dicks; we’d feel simply inadequate, and wouldn’t know where to start!

With guts and a ballet skirt. The tutu project.

A hairy chested man in a pink ballet skirt in the middle of the countryside.
A hairy chested man in a pink ballet skirt in a palm tree plantation.
A hairy chested man in a pink ballet skirt at the swimming pool.
A hairy chested man in a pink ballet skirt in an empty parking area.
A hairy chested man in a pink ballet skirt at a harbour in front of the sea.
A hairy chested man in a pink ballet skirt in a very snowy winter.

There are as many images of “The tutu project”, aka “A hairy chested man in a pink ballet skirt”, as places one can think of. This man lost his dignity and his clothes for a good cause. The worst thing about good causes is that they’re often badly sold or advertised, and for this reason they can’t get to their goal. This, though, is getting everywhere. There’s no need to open up this big man with a surgeon knife to know he has some impressive guts.

Erwin Wurm’s corrosive humor

Just by watching this Austrian artist’s works, we laughed out loud (yes, lol’d, that is). We laughed out of humour and nervousness at the same time, because something disturbing hides in this ludic form of Art. Effectively, Erwin Wurm explores the absurdity hidden in everyday life with his trenchant and humoristic scenes: for example, a man becomes an anonymous suit-block that has to be added to his fellows in order to build the Tower of Consumerism. His gracious inflatable sculptures evoke a society that is stuffed with speed, technology, food, information… To make it short, it’s bred on consumerism’s mud. This masterly combination of art and humour totally fascinated us, and we’re not the only ones: some people -for example the Red Hot Chilli Peppers- took inspiration from this artist’s work (have a look at the video of the song “Can’t stop”). In any case, we’re smitten- hook, line and sinker.

My heels don’t lie

The vast majority of women try very hard to be as attractive as possible using clothes, make-up, and different hairstyling fads, but the most classically seductive of accessories are undoubtedly heels. There are millions of different heels, so being original is kind of a hard task, but the most audacious designers are here to solve the problem. We present to you the most extravagant shoes that you can put on your feet to be just a couple or directly 50 centimetres taller. We pay our respects to these still unknown designers; for us, they’re the future Manolos.

Father, I sinned. FORGIVE ME, PLEASE!

By Jove, by Zeus, by Wotan, our dreams finally came true.
After rugby men, firemen, policemen, our fantasy came to its peak; the irreducible doves of faith, the forbidden saints… Priests! A group of (young and super sexy who make your “faith” to stir up) Roman Catholic Orthodox Priests decided to sell their flesh to raise money for the Church’s needs. So they posed for this hot calendar, made for us, their faithful devotees, with scenes like “Adam and Eve in Eden’s Garden”. You already have the perfect Christmas gift for your grandmother (or your gay cousin). Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners… Amen.

Disguise me, I’m dead. Les Deux Garçons.

Taxidermy is boring. Rather than watching an animal spread out dead, we do prefer to see it alive. Everything changes, though, if taxidermy can create an unreal world, where animals are Siamese twins, drink tea and “live” surrounded by luxurious objects and gold, a situation many of us humans would dream of. “Les deux garcons” (Dutch duoin spite of the elegant French name) plays with animals, giving them a new personality and a new Carnival life after death. Who knows, maybe those creatures, under that dry skin, are dying (never a truer word said) to bite to one of these Dutchmen…

Millionaire looking for wife

Tired of boring dates that end up with obligatory sex? Sick of men who live in a XXI Century Bohemia, with fewer savings than a kindergarten kid? Are you officially over the “dinner-at-home-and-film” plan as a way to save money? Don’t worry. At La Monda we understand your frustration and have found the solution to all of your problems. Forget about Meetic, eDarling and other dating sites. Let’s get to what’s important for us, let’s find the real sugar daddy!

Indeed, we found some webpages full of golden hearted billionaires looking for girls eager to fill the emptiness of their limousines, Jacuzzis, Hummers, diamonds, swimming pools, helicopters, and other needless amenities left in their hearts. Sites like give us some unpredictable surprises, like this Serbian millionaire who discovered that Baroque is not enough to fill one’s life, and that there’s much more to it than golden details. My friends, I don’t know what you are waiting for; send your application to this heir of the Kalashnikov Empire. Taking a step in the direction of a new luxurious life is just a click away. Here at La Monda we wish you an existence full of love and disposable income.