Come horns, we are Spanish. Danil Golovkin.

It’s clear that in the Fashion Photography market the aim is to show the product in an artistic form; only in rare occasions does the author have other intentions; either using irony or shooting with a critical view. Russian photographer Danil Golovkin is a clear example of this attitude. Just have a look at the photo session we’ve chosen. The Spanish countryside becomes an idealised bullfighting scenario whilst rescuing genuine traditional Spanish aesthetics and giving importance to the provincial and rural part of the country. It might be a cliché, but it looks like foreigners still think of us in terms of sangria, olé and paella.

Kids also pose for Karen Walker

Round 2, dear friends. Do you remember the wonderful photo session Ari Seth Cohen did for Karen Walker, where the youngest model for her collection was a 65-year-old? Well, now it’s the turn of their grandchildren, this time by the hand of Derek Handerson. We presume they took as little time as possible to make the session, you know, as the saying goes, “don’t work with children or animals”. But if all the results were like these, many designers should question themselves if they should discard the frigid model and choose their cute nephew. (If you actually have a cute one. If not, stick with the frigid model).

Myriam Dion´s doily

Here at La Monda we are totally up for the idea of a TV set and its accompanying doily. The idea is an all time Spanish classic: TV, doily and bull. As we are aware, the simple doily is already a mainstream theme; so many proud grannies place their bulls on those. But we’ve always tried to be a little different. Luckily, this Canadian artist has made things very easy for us. After hours and hours of hard work with a cutter, she created some beautiful throwaway doilies. Thanks to Myriam, our bull’s tired ass can now sit quietly on the doily of our dreams.

Paris “made in China”

Is Paris the destination of your dreams? Are you a hopeless romantic? Or are you simply attracted by the phallic aspect of La Tour Eiffel?
Sure, it’s “far”, and “expensive”, and “risky”, the city is full of animals in a hurry, as aggressive as they are stylish… Parisians, you name them. Plus, the air there has a vague cheese aroma to it; just imagine walking in your own sport shoes all day (yeah, the ones you’ve been keeping for years, never throwing them away out of sheer sentimentality). That’s enough to get seasick on land! Here at La Monda we really want your dreams to come true. Can’t afford going to Paris? Go to Tianducheng then! One day trip away from Shanghai, this awesome replica of Paris has been standing proud since 2007. You’ll be sure to find your Dior or Chanel bag bargains!

Sneakers mix by Sander Wassink

People obsessed with the idea of wearing the most unique sneakers in the world are everywhere. And don’t lie; I know how much you’d be ready to pay for them. So you might be interested in Wassink’s -a brand created by Flagship Dashila (a fake shoe-shop in Beijing) – new proposal. In their fake shoe-shop in Beijing they buy counterfeits, disassemble them and then later put them together again using pieces from various models, thus obtaining a unique effect, to the extent that some of them could deserve to be called pieces of art. You shouldn’t be afraid to put them on, because after all, the best shoemakers in town do the mélange. Wassink is beginning to collaborate with young designers; starting with the idea of creating their own universe through the deconstruction of what’s existent and then reorganising it, and they are creating authentic masterpieces. This project is kicking off, and it’s planning to be shown in some European cities, -Amsterdam the first- so if someone is interested in these real unique pieces (yes, they really are), pay attention.


Carpet + tumblr = Faig Ahmed

Let’s do something new, let’s mix concepts. Let’s take, for example, a boring element, like a carpet bought in a second hand market, and try to mix it with Tumblr aesthetics. The result probably won’t be as fascinating as the carpets Faig Ahmed created, renewing the Persian carpet tradition with new visual Op-Art effects (or the standard distortions of our beloved PhotoBooth). These carpets could decorate the walls of a contemporary art museum as well as those of a postmodern blogger. We would love to have a carpet for the hall of our office, but since the price of these creations is so high -perhaps blind, albino nuns hand-crafted them- we will have to be content with the tapestry our grandmothers can do. Dreaming at least is for free.

Let’s roll over with rrrrrrrroll_gif

That’s it. So simple: a Japanese girl rolling over. Sometimes it’s not her, but what she’s standing on, or maybe her feet that make her rolling non-stop. She makes little changes to create small variations, but there’s something hypnotic to it; maybe it’s her webpage’s title, whose letters start to turn around as you pass your mouse over it. These details always leave us in awe, even though we would have added a couple of blinking stars, because it’s a little insipid at the moment. This group of friends started making gifs as a reminder of a trip, and now they produce two Rrrrrrrrrol Gifs per week. We’re addicted. We look at the .gif and can’t help thinking… will she keep on rolling when we’re not watching?

Sharks everywhere

Sharks on the big screen have always been objects of terror and fear, but some years ago some almost Z-series films transformed sharks into something else: an animal that is a mix of supernatural and comic (I hope this is the actual intention of the great directors of these films… Because shit happens). For example, the films Sharknado 1 and 2, which center on a tornado full of sharks. Or, as the name shows, Sharktopus, where we assist to a cross breed between sharks and octopuses. Finally, the last masterpiece: Sharkalanche, a shark avalanche in the middle of the Pyrenees. Originality, first of all.


Here at La Monda we are really humble, but the truth is there are not many magazines we like more than ours (this is why we make it with so much care) and Toiletmagazine is one of those. The name suggests a lot, but even the most perverted brain in the world could not imagine (not to mention conceive) this magazine. And the fact is, two exceptional minds were needed to create this: Maurizio Cattelan, the creator of the enormous fuck you finger statue in front of the Stock Exchange in Milan, and Pierpaolo Ferrari, photographer who has an interest in portraying absolutely everything. This magazine is like the Holy Grail of the politically incorrect.

Prostitution for your profession

We know that designers tend to be eccentric and love themselves in excess (or at least, love their ideas) and they are ready to do anything to reach fame, because fame means money, precioussss, preciousss money! Therefore we understand and appreciate the people who show a tremendous dedication to their profession. We applaud all the individuals who choose to prostitute for their profession -that is- who sell their dignity in exchange for getting some attention. Don’t think there are only a few of them; now that you’ve read this article, you’ll probably start noticing them everywhere. They come out with their sexy faces advertising a new product, they practice their puppy eyes to encourage you to “come and buy!”, or they place their extravagant, golden asses on their creations, making you wonder if yours (apparently, a more vulgar and common bottom) will one day be able to get there. We already warn you it probably won’t, but if you get the chance to place yourself on a white platform posing with your work, don’t think about it; just do it. Pull out your savage kitten look and turn into one of them. It won’t matter one bit that people might laugh at you, because you’ll already be in another dimension…