Silvesterklausen, Organic New Year’s Eve by Estelle Hanania

Are you tired of choking on the grapes year after year? Do you feel like you are more mature now and you don’t want to spend New Year’s Eve drunk and covered in cheap sparkling wine? Do Freixenet’s bubbles make you shiver? Welcome! You are now part of the 80% of Spanish population that hates New Year’s Eve and all its consequences. Remember, you are not alone. We always care about you. So we want to suggest a new alternative plan, so your inner self can start the year off in a natural environment. We want you to feel like a 21st century Pocahontas, and in order to do so you have to fly to Switzerland and join its ancient ritual: Silvesterklausen.
The essence of this way of spending New year’s Eve is nothing unfamiliar: you gather with your friends, you make a lot of noise, you sing, you drink. That’s the moment when you think… Why Switzerland then? Because we want you to wake up with a hangover (you can’t avoid it, you know) but without your feet aching or a Picasso face. Forget the tight dress which doesn’t let you drink as you wish, the pushup bras, the belt and the oppressing bowtie. This year you go natural! You just need to choose who you want to be: because in Silvesterklausen (better repeat it, lest you forget) there are only three possible characters: the ugly (Wüeschten), the cute (Schönen) and the ugly-cute (Schön-Wüestchen). We recommend you pick the “ugly” (just for one night, ok handsome). To get your ugly total look you just need poles, branches and leaves (you can also recycle your Christmas tree) so take advantage that there is still some time to go and get the best bargain. As we know you won’t be convinced to play the ugly in the night with more fucking probabilities of the year, we leave you with Estelle Hanania’s reportage, who lived this crazy New Year’s Eve and enjoyed the ugly’s company.

For Hamburger’s love. Fat & furious burger.

Hamburgers never trend away, nor they will ever. It’s God food. There’s nothing more perfect than a hamburger. You don’t like meat? Here you, have, Vegburger. Japan is fashionable? Try it with teriyaki sauce. The fact is, my friend, there’s nothing more customizable than a hamburger. I’m sure you are thinking, “Hey man, don’t exaggerate it, it’s not such a big deal”. But for Fat&Furios customization has no limits. They can make a hamburger out of anything. And I know this because I could see their wonderful creations. Two French graphic designers, Quentin and Thomas, are the creators of this hamburger masterpiece. Every Friday they put their brains to work to surprise you with a new hamburger (moon hamburger, pineapple hamburger, tits hamburger, just to name a few). There are also Halloween pumpkins, special agents 007 and also one with an ice cream shape. I don’t know the taste, but you have to catch the idea. A carefully designed aesthetics, elaborated sceneries and different points of view just for one being: HAMBURGER.


After the article we published about “Miss Fall” we recover some shootings by Alessio Bolzoni. The concept is the same: models fallen to the ground and fighting on the carpet to stand up again, with the difference that here every photo is accurately studied to give the impression of falls or accidents. From such accidents (please forgive the repetition), Alessio gets some attractive photos and makes fun on the artificiality of the fashion world, where unnatural poses dominate. A position he is not alien to, to tell the truth.

Madeline Berry feat. Branden Collins

There are no words to describe how much we longed to see the result of the collaboration between photographer Madeline Berry and designer Branden Collins, from the studio The Young Never Sleep. There isn’t much to describe, just have a look at the images they gave us to contemplate and you will see you can find in them two of the key concepts of the magazine: color and humor! And take care none of the two be missing! So we will have to wait a little longer to see the result of “Communication”, which is the name they chose to give to this photo session. And after saying all this, go and look for any fringe cloth you have at home and start dancing like in the photos.

60 and with pompons by Todd Antony

It’s been some time since we declared we wanted to be like Anna Sello Russo at 50 and like Iris Apfel at 90; the vacuum between these two ages made us panic, so we had to look for another reference in that age range. This time we were looking for something simpler, more natural and less shining, but it couldn’t be since “Sun City Poms”, a cheerleaders group from Arizona, whose wrinkles are more flexible than you, fascinated us. These grannies practice choreographies which could well be seen at high schools, and they dress up like fifteen-years-old (something we would also do if we had those legs!). To get older surrounded by pompons and ra-ra-ras chants seems a total La Monda plan to us. Thanks to photographer Todd Antony, who, fascinated by them (how couldn’t he?) made this reportage to show the world humor has no age limit. LIKE THIS, YES.

Matthew Quick, statue revision

Considered one of the 50 best Australian artists (it’s Business Review Weekly which states it, and it surely is more competent than me) painter Matthew Quick can’t stop being the coolest thing wherever he goes. You just need to click on his website and read all the prizes he has won in the last few years. From here on I can tell you Matthew that you start getting me the nerves, because you are a bit pedant, but your work is so good we can forgive you everything. Memorial sculpture in an urban context is a pole, you know it, and everybody knows it. Ex-mayors, important doctors and other relevant figures of urban history decorate the streets of the great metropolis of the world without evoking the slightest amount of interest in pedestrians, because be honest, you pay more attention to the “free chupito” flyers they give you than to the mayor that back in 1875 saved the city from a major calamity. So we love so much the reinterpretation of these sculptures Matthew performs through painting. They might be used as stalls, dumps, or antennas: with the young Australian anything counts!

Sarah Illenberger <3

This born-in-Munich, living-in-Berlin visual artist defines herself as an analog artist, with the peculiar talent to manipulate everyday trivial and absurd objects and turn them into works of Art, creating still life that carry important conceptual content. Some of her clients are: Port Magazine, Colette, New York Times, Hermés, AD, Wallpaper, COS, Smart… Sarah really stands out for her high aesthetic quality and the tremendous originality of her projects. Don’t miss this German superstar!

Leslie David and painting

We stared in awe to Leslie David’s compositions, full of explosive painting and wonderful images. Living in Paris, this graphic designer, Art director and illustrator deserves a super mention in our super magazine. Master of color and good taste, she worked for clients like Colette, The Rapture, Ornette, or The New York Times. We know, you’ve already fallen in love with her; that’s absolutely normal, we are in love with her too. For this reason, we also give you the link to her e-shop, so that you can buy some of her creations to decorate your pathetic 40 square meters cages. (They’re really affordable, so come and spend some bucks).

Till Rabus

Intercourses between two artistic tendencies like surrealism and hyperrealism have been kind of infrequent, so it’s due time someone took the task for himself, like Till Rabus did. This Swiss artist creates macabre still lives out of objects, rubbish and anatomic parts that form bizarre images, some of them full of sexual allusions. Well, forget the euphemism; not so many allusions, because some are authentic leg and arm orgies. He leaves little room for our imagination. A little more hidden are the references to his fetish master, as someone our cultivated readers of La Monda surely have already guessed, mister Salvador Dalí. Please enjoy Till’s intense personal world.