Here at La Monda we believe there should be a law that forbids chopping fuet when you eat it. If you don’t believe us, just try to leave the knife down and give it a good, juicy bite. Why would you need such an unfashionable tool when your mom paid for shiny brackets during your teens?

That might sound like a stupid law, but it’s not the only one. American 22-year-old Olivia Locher made this project about the absurd laws that exist in her country. Just the idea of crossing the Atlantic and going to America to break them all is enough to feel super hype. We could visit Wisconsin and risk our life for eating apple pie WITHOUT cheese, and eventually going to jail for that (who on Earth would ever invent this recipe anyway?). Or we could go to Arizona with our vast dildo collection and break the law since we have more than two, which is the maximum number allowed. In reality, our wildest fantasy is to explain the officer why and how badly we need each and every one of those sexy toys… Mmmmm…

As you can see, laws aren’t that bad after all. The fact is, we want you to learn from this report and ask yourselves again whether you want to support us in introducing our “fuet law”. Doesn’t it sound better already?

Cat People Magazine

They used to say the editorial world was in decay; that the Internet, iPads, ebooks were bringing the editorial industry down and reducing the role of paper to ashes. Well, all these know-it-all theoretic masters of apparent wisdom were wrong. Not only because independent magazines are stronger than ever; for example, “Apartamento”; but also because every day new masterpieces are showing up, like this Japanese (could it be other?) magazine, Cat People.

And that’s it, my friends, a magazine about cats for cat lovers. And as we have already shown you on some previous issues of this fantastic magazine (La Monda, not Apartamento), the cat world has been rocking the web world for a few years now, so why not making a step forward to the world of paper and create a magazine about the experiences of modern designers with their cats and art insights on the cat world? Yes, we know that at first it just looks like a magazine for a hipster-wannabe 80-year-old lady with 35 cats pissing on every corner of the house, but we are absolutely fascinated with the idea that someone could think to make business out of such a pathetic obsession. And, in any case, I’ve already sent my cv.

The art of our mates… Ernesto Artillo

Here at La Monda it works like this. There are ok days, and days where… well, we get a little complicated (i.e. menstruated). What did you think? We aren’t always giving it to you on a silver plate… So, are you ready to put all the pieces together? Today’s talent is a young Spanish artist. Even though he’s now working and living in Madrid, his roots are in Andalusia, and the art that flourishes in his works is an adequate witness of it. Apart from traditional Southern flamenco influence, there we can also see reference to the Renaissance, Modern Art and the world of fashion and music, but what he loves the most is to observe the people around him, his beloved ones. And what’s the result? Some wonderful surrealist collages, that can be found, according to his collaborations, on Harper’s Bazaar China, Elle UK, Glamour Italia… So when are we having you as leading artist at La Monda? We are already fans. Bravo ERNESTO ARTILLO!


Miss Fall

Whoever experienced tripping over and getting his nose on the ground, eating dust or polish (in some selected and very clean surroundings –oh, polish might also been the cause of the fall) knows perfectly what we are talking about. Those awful moments when we try to stand up again, while our mouth utters: Please Mother Earth, hide me with your veil before anyone sees me… Luckily, us common people don’t have an army of paparazzi constantly following our tracks, as famous people do. Thanks to paparazzi we can see that also Hollywood stars are as clumsy as any other human being. And that “glamour” can be spilt and lost on the ground like ashes from a cigarette.