Baguette Bardot

No matter how hard we try, even though we can spend long years watching scruffy videos on Youtube while drinking cocktails of pineapple juice and bleach, even though we can take every drug available and yet to be invented while reading Chuck Palahniuk… We will NEVER ever be on the same level as our Japanese friends. The Empire that created Pokémon, kamikaze attacks and cat worship has brought us a new star of the web. Since they’ve gotten tired of their own Eastern references, the new trend of the Rising Sun Empire is to reinterpret icons and myths of Western cinema. From this tendency Baguette Bardot was born, a new species that mixes the French cinema icon (and right-wing spokesperson) Brigitte Bardot with Paris’ most typical symbol, baguette. The result is an Asian girl that dresses up and sings like Brigitte but has baguettes instead of arms. That’s disturbing no matter how you look at it, and sure you can guess it totally fascinates us. We take off our hats in regard to this masterpiece of Eastern aberration and we ask you that you please consider to reinterpret some Spanish cinema star, replacing arms with sausages. Please.




It’s Wednesday (still), we got tons of stuff to do, it’s cloudy and we definitely need some beers. We guess all of you are feeling kind of the same, moreover if you’re reading us in some bad weather, grey tone, sadness oriented country. But, once more, here we are to release your melancholy and lift your spirits, bringing you someone that surely understands what I mean (the bad weather thing that is, I don’t really reckon many people understand me in general). We’re talking about Kwabs and his voice, which is capable of make the hairs on our neck (and, overall, in our sexy bodies) stand and stay like that forever. It’s been a long time since we last heard something quite like it; we’ve already pressed the “repeat” button many times and we want to watch him live. He’s young and we are too sure that he’s just started a long and successful career full of great hits as the one below. ¿Wrong or Right? ¿What do you think?

Let’s have a bite with Carl Kleiner

Let’s be honest, we enjoy eating (some people more than others, true, but in general, we like to have our mouths full, and our stomachs, too). Plus, we live in a country where the favourite hobby is sitting down for a snack and start gossiping out loud, almost shouting. It’s our daily ritual. So far, olé for us, but… What would happen if artist Carl Kleiner decorated our dishes? Hint: we’d be even more envied, we’d eat even more, and we’d be even happier (because yes, dear foreign readers, in Spain the situation is critical, we really are a mockery of a country in many occasions, but, nobody beats us at enjoying life, positive thinking and laughing). So all that’s left is to do our typical La Monda call to arms: Carl, please, pass by our newsroom and leave us with watering mouths (never better said) with your food still lives; the best fresh goods are here.

Alex Prager

Disturbance: all that has been portrayed by young Alex Prager provokes absolute disturbance in us. It just takes a look to her webpage to see her catastrophic images (compulsion) or otiose strange women (weekend) or her New York Times video, Touch of Evil. It’s evident that the American photographer has some pending personality conflicts, and she channels them through photography in a shocking way. All her images, as disturbing as it may seem, recall Hitchcock’s cinema, taking him as the absolute protagonist of the majority of her photos, portraying the 50’s American Way of Life through an insane eye. They are like small photograms that invite us to imagine scandalous and truculent stories. The more perverse you are, the better!



Do you that feeling that usually strikes in at 3am on a Saturday night and with dreamy eyes when you really need to tell your friends how important they are for you? That your life would be a mess without them? That probably your chocolate and cheesy films consumption would be much higher if they wouldn’t drag you out to the streets? We are constantly feeling that, even with no distilled beverages around. We like the exaltation of friendship. That’s why the last NJOY campaign made us smile; with Avicii sounding on the background, we keep on thinking there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for those who are always there and will never let us down. And, moreover, with no stinky smoke around; we just found out that NJOY, apart from helping you to quit smoking (stupid habit) can take you and a friend of yours traveling around Europe with a 2.500€ budget. You can enter the competition and try your luck till the 27th of February. If not, you can always send your good old mate a sample of electronic cigarettes (come on, it’s only 1€). It’s clear it’s a nasty habit and that he has to quit, the message won’t be subtle but… who needs to be subtle when you’re speaking to a true friend? ¡Take care, mates!


The most studious student in the world, Casey Richardson

Yes, yes, yes, Casey Richardson is still studying. We don’t know if Australian air has something special to it, but what it’s crystal clear is that Casey has got wonderful taste, even more than some already famous designers/creators/visual artists. This young novice has got talent, a lot of talent. The golden hamburgers’ tower fascinates us, makes us dream, makes our imagination fly and, of course, we want it as a totem for our office so we can make Sabbaths around it. Retrieving information through digital facilities has been in fashion for some time now, so just follow the link.

You get what you pay for by Giampaolo Sgura

What happens when we put together whores, gigolos, money, night and the clergy? The result is a time bomb, and even more if the director is Giampaolo Sgura, who collaborated with Vogue, Interview, H&M, Candy and Armani, just to name a few. This editorial for Grey Magazine shows from a fictitious and ironical point of view the nightlife of various characters, mixing together luxury, the obscene, the street and the possible participation of the Church in some activities not so according to its ideology. The controversy is open… Enjoy!


Collage technique is nothing new; throughout Art history different movements have been constantly using this mean of expression. We saw it with Dadaists, Surrealists, and Cubists… Everyone tried collage as an artistic practice and even our first pre-school steps saw us having an attempt at it. Nowadays, in the age of Internet and excess of information, the Tumblr platform has been invaded by the collages of artist-wannabe bloggers, which combine vintage illustrations with circles and Photoshop effects (there’s a multitude of those. Stop it, I’m serious) making something that would have been outrageous in the 70s the most boring thing on the Internet. But here at La Monda we always try to go one step further, so yes, we present to you Daniel Gordon, an artist who proposes to reinvent collage by creating sculptures or still lives with it. This artist combines real life objects, wrapped in images and different clippings, cheeky compositions, even a bit odd sometimes (yes Daniel, we can see tape in more than one image) and colour, a lot of colour! Saturated images with bright colours, which overthrow our retinas and make us seasick with so many African patterns. With tears in our eyes we can tell you that yes, Daniel Gordon is La Monda worthy, and that yes, collage keeps on rocking.

Christa Van der Meer’s tribe

We suppose this Dutch fashion designer travelled to every corner of the world looking for inspiration (or maybe she just saw a lot of documentaries). Her suits dress elite tribes who forsook their penis sheaths and feathers to embrace modern tulle, plastic and lace. Through these materials, vivid colours and exaggerate volumes, she manages to remind us of an applause worth work of art with every outfit. What are you waiting for you banally dressed people? Throw your jeans out of the window and start something new with Van Der Meer’s folklore clothes! We’ve already started cutting our own kitchen curtains…

Stephanie Gonot

DIY’s trend is earning followers, especially in the creative area, to the point that editorial groups are fighting for this graphic material. Stephanie Gonot is an LA photographer who has the ability to turn the most trivial and even obscene objects into elements that realize photographic compositions with a strong graphic component to them. Exploiting colours, geometric forms and texture contrast, she gets still lives that you will either hate or love. Ash, mortadella, cigarettes, jelly… Welcome to the disturbing but attractive world of Stephanie Gonot.