It’s Monday and our hormones are beginning to feel excited; Spring is here and allergies have a nasty effect on us, we are planning to drink and shake our booty all the time. Every year happens just the same. After that, the Summer heat will come alongside the dizziness, sunstrokes and sweat… here’s where I wanted to get. To the sweat coming out of various parts of our bodies just clicking on Seriously, what… what is this? It’s just… pure drug. True love is what we profess for his work and himself. Colour, powerful Art Direction, irony, religious references, quality photography, sense of humour… We couldn’t ask for more! Goodbye to the TV shows, goodbye to films; we now only want to see new projects of our beloved and admired Robert. Thank you, something PERFECT comes up at last.






Candy grotesque by Aiden Morse

Aiden Morse is an experimental artist coming from Tasmania (like the cartoon) who mixes absurd, grotesque and even drama in his work. That weird union of pastel candy and rough shocking images makes you experiment the so called feeling of “I can’t stop looking at it though it gives me the creeps”; Morse is able to capture the audience with a careful Art Direction even though what it’s showing you is a used shaving razor covered in hair and in an unknown white sticky goo. Amongst his work we can find photography, video and modified images that make him a multidisciplinary artist who’s going to go places.






Last Wednesday we went to one of those events that make your whole week happy, from Monday to Sunday (the days before because of the anticipation and the days after because of the nice feeling it leaves on you). It was all about Jägermeister, about beards and hair, interesting people and good music. Apart from being ridiculously excited about being invited by one of our favourite drinks (come to us, orange background deer), we had the chance to see the lovely One o Nice barbershop/tattoo studio, to meet nice people, to laugh and even to move around listening to Fuckin’ Bollocks and DJ Patriarca. More than we could wish for on a rainy-boring-grey Wednesday evening. Thanks One o Nice, thanks Jägermeister! (Sure thing lots of you have a not perfectly shaved beard, just as mine, so go and make an appointment at C/Mare de Deu del Pilar 15bis, Barcelona. You’re gonna shine).






Think about eating a planet. Imagine going to a restaurant and order, as a starter, a Mars soufflé, Venus tartar steak as the main course with Pluto chips side. We’re aware that this doesn’t happen in reality and that, actually, it would be rather stupid. You’d be eating moon dust or ammonium hydrosulfide (doesn’t sound very digestive) or something with an astro-complicated name. Urgh.

That’s why planets are not edible, just observable (yep) and even if these ones have a tasty look, they’re nothing more than the wonderful compositions of German studio Foreal, a creative team formed by Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster. Pure genius. With this pieces they wanted to show the surrealistic side of the anatomy of the planets; the yoghourt planet, the chewing gum one and the dark oil painting one (not recommendable). Foreal. Because they’re worth it.



To fall in love with Margaux Dereume

Having a walk with a painting on can’t be very comfortable; the splinters of the frame must itch everywhere, the canvas slipping through your lovely buttocks and I don’t even want to think about the consequences of oil paint in the most sensitive skins. Take the idea off your mind, I’m not wearing that. What I would actually wear, as it gives the same results but in a easy to put on form, is Margaux Dereume’s clothing. She’s, as you can see, a master of prints. She wants to get the looks with her last collection (just like we like it) but without putting too much effort on it, not like in a “you gotta suffer to be pretty, darling” style. We’re too old for that anyway. Have a look and decide, ladies. I’m about to buy a pair of her leggins and go out running (yep, I just said running).

Margaux Dereume_fashion_lamondamagazine_4

Margaux Dereume_fashion_lamondamagazine_3

Margaux Dereume_fashion_lamondamagazine_2


What would happen if the oniric worlds of Wes Anderson and David Lynch’s melancholic landscapes would mix? We usually let you the answers pretty disclosed (that’s ’cause we love you), so here you are again; if you really want to know what happens you just have to have a look at norwegian Erwin Olaf’s photographs.

What this artist likes the most is picking up the most representative elements of the American Way Of Life. Yes, my friend, the way of life of those states you wouldn’t even know where to place on a map, like Utah, Idaho, Missouri, Iowa… The daily rituals of these places that sound like taken out of a 90s TV show are as patriotic as training with the cheerleader team or going for a walk with the Boy Scouts. All the same for us, because any kind of folk cliches are our passion, not to mention the amazing colour and distribution of the pictures, pure genius that shows us his whole world in a single shoot.





Jaimie Warren’s selfies

The selfie fever is everywhere, from the already antique front-of-the-mirror-duckface ones widely spread by chavs to the candy sweet Japanese type. No one can’t escape from this media narcissism which is even worse after the infamous Oscars selfie. So many retweets are making us lose our minds. Seriously, it’s already been two week, we’ve all seen it, stahp.

 Anyway, it was inevitable that due to such an egocentrism and the “me, me, me” representation explosion, disturbing character such as Jaimie Warren would pop up. He’s decided to take the word “selfie” to another level, and he’s happily gone too far.

Jamie Warren takes selfies (which is, yeah, basically, a self portrait) disguised as several famous people, like Lana Del Rey, but combining them with fast food. As you can imagine, the result is quite creepy. We can witness how the artist creates such concepts as Lasagna Del Rey, OreOprah (Oprah Winfrey + Oreo), JonBeignet Ramsey (the infant martyr JonBenét fused with a pancake) or Rod Steward as a pretzel, while he elevates the selfies to the Fine Art category.







Phebe Schmidt

Phebe Schmidt is made for Tumblr, and this isn’t a negative thing. In fact, it’s just the opposite. This aussie creative mind settled in Melbourne and specialised in studio photography makes ambiguity her language. Discomfort invades you when you see her pictures of models, shoes, fake lashes or a giant sausage. They are uneasy pics. There’s something going on with them. But if it looked as if they were just taken for aesthetic pleasure, don’t be fooled. Behind Schmidt’s work there’s a speech that explores the obsession of modern society for beauty clichés that rule gender identity. Taking into account all that mix, and knowing that her photography is pastel based and artificial, we say yes to Phebe Schmidt.






Dominik Tarabanski’s Surrealism

In this post you’re not going to find anything redundant, brilliant nor folkloric. Not even virgins or anything related with religion (we need this disclaimer because you are getting used to our kitsch-flamenco-fusion vision). Today we want to show you a photographer who is now living in New York after 12 years of old Krakow, and who keeps polishing his style in an astonishing way: he makes everything look so pure and simple, sober and surreal. We are so amazed by his work that we just want you to enjoy it as much as we do. You’d better follow him, because his star is going to shine in no time!





Thomas Dworzak, Taliban portrait

This German photographer, who was formed through the hardships of photojournalism, knows to perfection all the conflicts of the Caucasian, Macedonian and Kosovo areas. He has portrayed common people from these countries, just like many others. Everything seems perfectly normal so far, but what’s unique to Dworzak is that he portrayed Talibans, and even took the license to paint those pictures, simulating a pop style, and thus transforming these guerrilla men into authentic pseudo-celebrities. Maybe next Christmas we’ll be replacing our Marilyn pictures with a dashing Taliban.

*Vice Holland, taking inspiration in this Dworzak reportage, shot a photo session reinterpreting the original, but not without adding their own characteristic ironic touch. These Vice Holland guys are so badass!