Anne Roig’s objective

Let’s go back one more time to our beloved Barcelona. We have the sun, the beaches (the only important thing for some people) but also a lot of emerging talents (much more important for others, including you and ourselves). After this piece of touristic advertisement, here’s Anne Roig, a young photographer who knows what she’s doing, knows what she’s seeing and wants that we know it too. She portrays space in a special, flawless way, and she manages also to entertain with her work, a thing we adore. We leave you watching her colours and strong contrasts, while we recommend you to take a look to her series Poullain Femmes. Keep it on Anne!






Pete Deevakul

For every creative or graphic professional still life is a fetish where you can exploit all the delirious ideas you have in mind to create compositions with impossible chromatic fields and textures. Pete Deevakul is one of these addicted people. This California boy has worked for Vogue, Teen Vogue, T Magazine, DELL, Ann Taylor… He uses colours and different materials; he mixes incoherent objects to create a powerful bizarre combination. Viva chicken wings and home grown potatoes, artichokes and KIT-KAT!






After asking for it for a very long time, our prayers were answered: Japan eventually got an interest in chorizo and sevillanas, that is, culture made in Spain, to create an enormous freak monument. My dear readers, with tears in my eyes, I’m pleased to present to you the place that is going to become the most interesting touristic spot for the next decade: the amusement park Villa Española in Shima, aka Españiland. It’s difficult to believe, but there is actually somebody who thought that the Pyrenees, flamenco dancers, Montserrat or a beer and wine museum could be interesting enough to create an amusement park just for them.Not only this, but they invested a lot of money to create this papier mache absurdity. The placeis promising to be as scruffy as it can be, emanating bad taste from every corner, so that we can’t help wondering what Japanese people really think of us, with attractions like Tren Fiesta (this is the most promising), Montserrat’s Splashes, The Wood of Spanish Fairytales with its Magical Dustbin (it really deserves a WTF?) or the most bewildering one, the Nutcracker’s Suite, that we don’t know how it can possibly be related to our peninsula, but probably in Japan they had a better thought. From here I’m asking la Monda’s management to be sent to Españilandia to become a correspondent, because I can sense a scoop coming. Our ex-president José María Aznar used to say it: “Spain is different”, and from what we can see, in Japan it’s even more so!



Ryan Mcginley

“Eternal youth’s elixir”, we could label Ryan Mcginley’s photos this way if we felt a bit romantic. All the pictures by this American photographer represent freedom and youth’sexuberance, showing constantly naked young men and women running and jumping in thewild. Images that make our mothers cry, remembering their forever-lost youth, while we feel the urge to embrace a nudist lifestyle as the best way to express our most spontaneous being. Living naked is what Ryan Mcginley proposes to young people today; let’s leave the unnecessary, let’s leave fashion; winters will be tough and more than one will die of pneumonia, but everything will be done for the sake of reaffirming ourselves as youngsters and show it to the world with our asses exposed.







Rikako Nagashima’s parallel world

Today we want to introduce you to this Japan lady who sees noise in shape of cables or flowers, who makes clothes of natural cotton, and whose tears are not water but wax. Aside from interpreting reality in her own way, she also creates personal projects (that we really wish could become reality) like her French restaurant “Mangez-moi”, where the menu invites you to eat in the most straightforward way. We love her simplicity when it’s time to be a bit mischievous, and her wit when she reinvents what’s ordinary. This designer is rude, daring and wonderful.






Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca

Two minds working together is better than one. Davide and Claudia, who have been married since 2009, must have thought something like this. They join their forces to create photographic projects with a noticeable aesthetic quality. He is a photographer, conceptual artist and cinema director working in New York and Montreal. She is a designer, food professional (WTF?) and professional photographer in New York. In their works they mix absurd, irony and cultural stereotypes, while keeping attractive and straightforward aesthetics. We point out their project Cold Feet, because in the end we’re all animals, even though some resemble pigs more than others.





Commercial Surrealism by Qiu yang

Following closely and naturally the latest campaigns by KENZO, which were made by the fabulous team of ToiletPaper Magazine, Qiu Yang portrays the new clothing line of the Italian brand in a grandiose and striking way (with a leg here and another down there). Not only is it impressive on the aesthetic and composition level, it’s perfectly commercial, too; a discovery that can turn one from 0 into idol in a few seconds. And here you can smell talent from a distance: this photographer who was born in Beijing is now living and working in Amsterdam. Qiu Yang has developed a very personal Surrealist style, and has brought it to the most commercial field: advertising.






It’s our time to celebrate, not only because it’s our Redaction Chief’s birthday, but also because we just turned one year old. A WHOLE YEAR. 12 tough but happy and satisfying months, where we had time to cry and to laugh, a year with 6 issues and 168 posts. We had the pleasure and the honour to interview artists such as Ali Mahdavi (we still share a little happiness tear when we remember that day in his Parisian studio), Blanca Li, Laurent Mercier, Catherine Baba, Andrej Pejic, Chad Valley, Juan Vidal, Monarchy and Leandro Cano, amongst others. We had wonderful articles and exclusive collaborations. We had amazing people and we suffered lack of sleeping. And we do have lots of surprises hidden in the cupboard, ready to be released on our next issue, CELEBRATION (well, I mean, it was obvious), on the 17th of March.
Today is a celebration day and we decided to show you, at last, our new idea, our newborn baby, our AD. We know how this country (Spain) is going through rough times, but, as you can see, we chose to stay and pray, ask to heaven. We can’t see any more options. We also admit that anything related to virgins fascinates us.
Dear readers, we like weird, aesthetic quality, the message, irony, humour, fashion, design, music, the Arts, anything freak, cinnamon buns and town fiestas. We are the type of magazine that publishes your craziest ideas, so, you know, here we are praying for you and for us. Salvation comes with La Monda Magazine!

Birds with hair in their chest – René Mesman

Just like in a tribute to the Eighties’ hairstyles, these birds suck their guts in and wag their manes as though they were in slow motion. It’s golden age for toupees and oxygenated hair. This owl is looking straight in front of him; he doesn’t fear anything, because he’s got a wigthat even Whitney Houston would have liked to wear on Sundays. It’s just photography, but René Mesman takes so much care in details it seems these animals are finally coming back to life after their long sleep. This Amsterdam photographer has made this project alongside with Souverein Wesp, a group of experts in high quality photographs. A perfect combination. And now, you better start showing off your hair.





When you put together nice music, a good artistic direction and an interesting audio-video project, you can only expect the result to be AWESOME. IAMAMIWHOAMI is a viral electronic music and video-art project, and Swedish singer and songwriter Jonna Lee is its face for the masses. All the videos follow a conceptual and argumentative line, which develops into a mini-series, with a soundtrack from the same band and a breath-taking artistic direction. They won the 2011 Swedish Grammy for Innovator of the Year and were nominated at the 2011 MTV Music Awards for the same category, where Gaga eventually took the prize (as she usually does). So we’re leaving you to IAMAMIWHOAMI’s magic.