Nandan Ghiya

Modifying or retouching photos has become a common affair nowadays, and since it’s basically a digital process, most of the times you can’t tell what is real and what is fiction. Just take a look to “Hola” or “AR” covers, just to name a couple… Nandan Ghiya also wants to deceive us. This DIY fan artist cuts and pastes, according to his taste, old pictures of his motherland, India, creating disturbing and attractive works. Even the frames of the photos can’t escape his creative fury. His aim is to criticize social networks, pointing out the fake reality we’re using to communicate nowadays (Facebook, Twitter…). Despite what has just been said, we know about his work from the same criticized media… Bravo Nandan.

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Pure genius, the guy that invented the wheel. He did it well, he did it easy, he did it thinking on the final consumer or on how to escape faster from the * insert ferocious animal name here * that smelled the air in the search of something to munch on. A perfect design. The Phillippe Starck from the 5th century before Christ, representing Mesopotamia.

And since that moment, functional objects have always been the winning force. Since the before mentioned wheel to Steve Jobs, everybody’s been obsessed with everything organic, intuitive, useful. Till we got to Greece, but the modern Greece. To architect Katerina Kamprani, that has made a real effort to awake on us the most hostile feelings towards design. Those same feelings that flourish when you see one single wrong tile on the street, stuck there forever, without the possibility to change it (some of us suffer a worse type of OCD, yeah). Kamprani has created on her The Uncomfortable collection hairy dishes, inflatable doorknobs, cement umbrellas, peep toe Wellington boots and other sorts of 3D aberrations, just to trigger that subtle shiver on your body. You can live with it but it’s as nice as sleeping with a spider in your room.

We personally choose the cutlery range; we really can’t think of a better way to make everybody very nervous. Well, we do. If we convince Ikea to sell it.







We really don’t have a clue about wine. I mean, we just distinguish red from rosé because of the colour, white because it’s cold, Lambrusco because it will be on some 15 year old girl’s hands and grape juice because it doesn’t get you high. That’s why we really appreciate to be invited to event like the one Campo Viejo organised in Barcelona last Friday.

Brands evolve or they die; Campo Viejo has renovated their image going for Street Art, pushing creative initiatives and collaborating with young talents, who are usually the ones less remembered when thinking about investing. After visiting various places (London, Madrid, Belgium…) they arrived to Barcelona with their “Streets Of Colour” project in collaboration with Elisava Design School and artists such as Gaston Lisak, Jaik and Mikel Pascal.

They taught us how to look at the colour of wine, bespoke Pantone included. Now we still have little idea about the noble distilled grape juice (sorry, chemist friends, we really don’t have a clue if it’s distilled, atomised or what sort of chemical process suffers to make us sing folk songs after four glasses), but at least we make a little effort. Yep, we’re happy.





When plants go POP – Victoria Ling

In a world full of normal everyday plants, some have decided to smoke some psychotropic substances and travel back to the psychedelic 60s. Or more. As Warhol said, “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. These plants want their share and they’re ready to take a chance. And if a plant asks for something we gotta respond, that’s Mother Nature’s will. That’s why we honour them with this post, for them to have their 15 minutes (actually, you can read this in 7 minutes, so I’m afraid you’ll have to read it twice).

We present you to Victoria Ling, a wonderful photographer specialist in still life. This London artist explores on her personal work how natural colour alteration affects and the visual effect that this creates. A Pantone explosion that alongside almost perfect compositions create a voilà! expression on our eyes.

On her more commercial side, Ling has worked with clients such as Volkswagen, John Lewis and Danone, with exceptional results (though less surrealistic). Moreover, she’s made collaborations with the before mentioned Anna Lo Max in projects such as Lunch Is Served, which consisted in food made out of fabric with a fantastic result even though it might sound pretty disgusting. You’ll have to read this post twice, because if there are any plants that deserve their 15 minutes of fame, those are Victoria Ling’s ones.

WARNING: If this is actually the second time you read it, stop and don’t repeat the process, we don’t want anyone to sue us for stepping into an unending loop.







Showing love for your dog is not getting him a bright pink American Apparel sweater. No. Doing that you’ll only make your dog look silly and yourself sillier for buying it. Neither is making ponytails in his mousey hair or getting him into beauty contests. Remember, it’s your dog, not a super model, he’s got way too much hair to be one. Although, maybe, we might be wrong. Maybe your dog needs a change. Maybe all that he wants is to be different and extraordinary. Like all of us, what your dog wants is to be cool and that’s why make up and accessories were invented, weren’t they? Without the shadow of a doubt, disguising your dog as an octopus, a butterfly or a peacock like Ren Netherland does can’t do anything but good to him! Oh come on, you who show off your dog in the social media, stop walking and leaving him sleep in your bed (and letting us know you do) and love him even more! Make his day making him feel like a star and don’t forget printing some cards (service also available) and sending it over to all your contacts… that will definitely make them jealous!






Smooooth clothing’s prints!

As we perfectly know, the fashion world is kind of saturated; everything has been already done and it’s almost impossible to stand out. I’ve said almost. David Hidalgo has made it. With a lot of efforts, a lot of investigation and a lot of careful care, this brand has a shop and sells online worldwide. Do you want a McDonalds’ style French fries sweatshirt? Do you prefer some gummy bears or colourful popcorns? Step inside his wonderful website and try to decide for one, if you can restrain to just one. Welcome to the new sweatshirt frontier, here you have your new wardrobe, well designed and, of course, well printed.

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Cat Museum

Until today, the Spanish museum circuit has always been of doubtful quality; being the sons of the sun, paella and sangría combo tradition, it wasn’t difficult to predict that these temples of knowledge would only shelter anxious tourists waiting to stomp on the souvenir shop. But, luckily, the situation has changed: a grand opening will happen in Spain, one that will place our country in the top of the world’s cultural landscape, making the Tate Modern or the Louvre look small. The luxurious coast town Lloret de Mar is going to have the first museum dedicated completely to the feline world. If, in the cradle of the civilisation, Egyptians already worshiped cats, us Spaniards can’t stay behind the times. The Cat Museum, directed by a Russian millionaire with a questionable taste, showcases the worst stuff you can find around; an ode to bad aesthetics, bad kitsch and the freak side. Only in Spain or in a Siberian town could you find a place like this. As a massive cybernetic shit consumer that I am, I totally recommend you to click on the Cat Museum website; it’s halfway through a preschool sugar fuelled little girl’s work and the creations of a Russian programmer that suffered post-Cold War psychotic episodes. If you also want to burn your retinas please take e-stroll through their gallery or their “friends” section (yep, there’s other centres like this one, even theatres!). Be ready to cry blood, my lovelies.