Brian Vu, psychedelic geology

Brace yourselves, the music festival time is coming. Everybody is shivering in anticipation to enjoy those amazing line ups of Primavera Sound and Sonar, the starting line is prepared, tourists who deny accepting that it still can be cold here in May using flip flops and tank tops are arriving and there’s nobody that can stop this.

Myself, with both weekender tickets in hand (I like partying hard, what can I say), instead of bringing you the oh-so-boring music review and pedantic recommendations, I have chosen to talk about a typical concept in festivals: the psychedelia. Psychedelia in the music, psychedelia in the drugs, psychedelia in the most melancholic Woodstock hippies’ t-shirts, psychedelia everywhere in every festival. That’s why I present you Brian Vu’s photography, who finds in stones, mineral and foil that colourful world that would make a hard core hippy feel at home. Smoke, lights, rainbows and reflections is what we can see in this NYC photographer’s portfolio. Jammin’.





Jens Heervit

What happens when you mix abstract, everyday things, colours and a creative mindset? The result is Jens Heervit, German artist set in Paris. Heervit tries to speak about various topics using different levels, making the audience part of the interpretation of the work. Basically, Jens let us think crazy stuff with his art pieces creating bizarre composition to shake us.

Heervit mystifies the absurd, always following a very clear and unique aesthetic path. This German can be a reference to have in mind, don’t forget his name!







Melitta Baumeister – Would you hug an alien?

“Attraction”, “sculptoric in a weird way” and “contemporary aesthetics”. Mix those three ideas in a cocktail, add up Fashion Design and New York. The result will be Melitta Baumeister’s brave work. This German born newyorker graduated in Fashion on 2013 at Parsons School and, since then, her work has been everywhere. Neutral colours that clash with unconventional shapes and textures. It’s the experimentation of the form. Her work focuses in materials while combining fashion, product design, sculpture and installations. The photography it’s under the talent of Paul Jung, who’s able to alienate the pieces even more and elevates them to sculptoric figures. Bizarre, but very desirable.

If you want to see more than her website, please do get to her Tumblr; it’s as hipnotising as her clothing and you won’t be able to see an entire picture.




Henrik Vibskov, the renaissance man

You think about yourself as a busy person; you study a degree, you work half time in some dodgy bar, you walk your dog, go shopping, do the ironing, you religiously follow all the HBO series and you still got the time to party and study an online sewing course. You certainly believe yourself as the new Leonardo da Vinci. All productivity polls in Spain would rocket with you.

Sadly, dear reader, and once more, here come Scandinavians to prove us wrong embodied in Henrik Vibskov, a fashion designer that gets all the looks wherever he goes, not only with his collections, but also with the decoration and props surrounding them (from huge inflatable condom installations to amazing feasts in the middle of the catwalk). If that would not be enough, the Dutch designer also has exhibitions in galleries and museums all around the globe in collaboration with Swedish artist Andreas Emenius and, on his spare time, which must be little, Vibskov is the drummer in Trentemøller and leader of the musical project “ Project Mountain Yorokobu”. From now on we’ll think it twice before considering ourselves productive and efficient in front of renaissance men like Henrik Vibskov.








From de creators of the Ostrich Pillow and Ostrich Pillow Light (amongst many other things) here comes… Kangaroo Light! The new product that will alight your life and your way, that will help you finding the house keys in your bag and that is amazing for, apart from making everything brighter, having a good time. Touch sensitive, wonderful design and with different ways of lighting, studio Banana Things, in collaboration with Bangor University (UK) goes back to Kickstarter and releases their new masterpiece, their new son, their new super idea. We call you to arms to consume the best product; here you are the necessary links for that, go find your credit cards and… press buy! Can’t you find them? With Kangaroo Light you would be able to!





Miles Aldridge

This LA based brit is a pillar in the world of fashion photography and has been, for many years, usual contributor for Vogue Italy. His unique artificial aesthetic clashes with the concepts and ideas he talks about, often very common daily situations. Miles is the son of the überfamous graphic designer Alan Aldridge, of whom he’s inherited the psychedelic feature and the use of colour. Looking at his work, it seems that Miles has been born in the deepest, most traditional Spain, or he’s Almodovar’s cousin. ¡Olé, Aldridge!









Zzzzz… (alarm off+snooze) (alarm off+snooze) (final alarm). Where am I? Bloody hell, it’s still Tuesday (change “Tuesday” for any other day of the week except Saturday or Sunday – God bless them).

That feeling of not wanting to wake up in the morning. Feeling so comfy underneath your clean blankets in case you’re at your mum’s, not so clean if you live on your own. Their softness and smell trap you, you worm your way inside and start thinking on bizarre excuses not to go to work. You feel warm and confronting reality amongst so much pleasure is tough, we know. But, what would happen if you could take your blankets with you? You wouldn’t have to shower, you’d forget about lacing up your shoes, combing your hair or washing your teeth (you even needn’t think). That way you’d sleep half an hour more and it would be easier to go to work, wouldn’t it? This method could exist thanks to Dutch Poul Brouwer’s first collection: clean, white and quilted like the blankets at home.

Poul’s creativity and übertalent is the answer to years fearing the morning alarm clock. That’s why we’ve decided to have him in our blog. Now we kind of doubt about how we would face the rest of the day amongst to much comfort, but we will solve that on some other post…




Sam Coldy, the guy to envy

In the world of Graphic Design, looking at so many portfolios, blogs, Behance etc envy is just a constant feeling amongst all the colleagues of the profession. Then when you see work like Sam Coldy’s you ask yourself why those images are not under your name (specially in my case as we share initials), why you didn’t go for graphic experimentation while you were designing your cousin’s first communion cards, or how is it that it wasn’t you who buried the CMYK creating digital illustrations in a million colours. All this rage and jealousy whirlwind grows the more you see of this young Londoner’s work that not only does posters and abstract illustrations, but also brand design, typography and, what is worse, band Peace’s Art Direction, one of the musical next big things of last year at Primavera Sound. Get ready to pull your hair, bite your nails and bang your head against the wall with Sam Coldy.







Declared lover of materials, Gemma Tickle makes her workspace a fun place. This Kingston University Graphic Design graduate calls herself a “Set Designer”. Gemma creates mini-sceneries in sculpture form, playing with shapes, colours and textures of the objects itself, intelligently blending in the client’s products. She was designer Rachel Thomas’s assistant, already published in La Monda. We are a close family here, you see. Gemma has worked for Elle, MTV, GQ Style, Viewpoint Magazine, Wallpaper*,The Hunger Magazine and 125 Magazine, amongst others. Great quality and neatly finished work, to sum up, Tickle is the bomb!






Summer is coming with PIKNIC ELECTRONIK BARCELONA 2014

Summer in Barcelona is not the same since 3 years ago; Sundays are the new Saturdays and Mondays the new Sundays. I know, you don’t get it, but the idea will soon become familiar because the Piknic Electronik happening is arriving with a lot of news this year. The first of June (Sunday, of course) the new edition of this festival kicks off and it will take place every Sunday till the 14th of September. The Joan Brossa gardens will transform every rest day to welcome in style artists such as John Talabot, Skream, Soul Clap, Begun and Dj Spinn amongst others for a very reasonable price, just 13€ for the general ticket! (10€ if you go before 3pm or with the Student Card, bargain). For 75€, anyway, you can have the whole season ticket, dear fun lovers. A lot of acres to dance, drink, enjoy the music, have fun with your kids, make them take DJ workshop (entrance for under 12 year old kids is for free), let them go to the bouncy castles, eat in harmony and shake your booty. What more can you ask for? No depressing days looking through the window while listening to downer music, no shopping+NYC films; now Sundays are made for partying. One more time, hail to the Piknic Electronik!