Research and Development

It’s nothing new if we say that, in the last decade, there’s designers popping up like mushrooms everywhere. And as in every field, we have to separate the grain from the chaff, because, in general, there’s too much chaff for little grain. Art Directors Daniel Olsson and Jonas Topooco are clearly grain, and good quality one. Clean, functional and very attractive design is what they offer, without stepping into cliches that predominate nowadays in Graphic Design. They cover various areas, but they’re strongest side is the editorial one; design that you can touch. They do all this staying true to their unique style since 2002, reafirming the phrase “good design never goes out of fashion”. For those 14 years, BRAVO Daniel and Jonas!






This is based on a true story. Like, a very true story. Last night I went to Domino’s, drooling. I needed a pepperoni and mozarella pizza, full of grease and oil and with cheese filled crust. My body was craving some calories, you know. It just happens; I dearly call it a “fatty+regret stroke”. Anyway, after transmiting my request to the Domino’s hat guy, he told me the pizzas were gone. In sheer shock and eyes filled with anger (and hunger), I demanded an explanation. The poor guy could only show me some pics in his phone of pizzas travelling to weird places in the search of freedom. I walked back home and I ate cheese on toast crying.

Right, all of this is a big lie (it really could’ve happened), but that’s the first thing that came up to my head when I saw photographer Jonpaul Douglass’s pics. I’m really amused by the idea of someone making a shooting session to a pizza. This is just the beginning of the revolution: long live to fatty pizzas!






ATLAS STUDIO: Death to academicism

We can’t deny that the New Ugly trend is rocketing; you just have to have a look at the music industry, Graphic Designs and various catwalks to be aware of the fact that ugly and disgusting are here to stay.

Atlas Studio fits on that scheme. These Swiss designers have forgotten all the clichés about the Helvetica country design being clear, tidy, neat and totally rational. Atlas Studio do whatever they want to do. You were taught at uni that you shouldn’t mix two fonts on the same poster, weren’t you? Then add five and distorted till they look like stains! The degraded effect makes it very difficult to read the text, right? To hell with legibility! Degrade the shit out of that design! It’s obvious that Atlas Studio is here to play, big time; their posters and creation are already a reference in blogs and Tumblrs of every designer and the New Ugly is present in every portfolio of the best Design Schools in Europe. Academicism is dead! Long live to Atlas Studio!







Love the balls

We’re just in the middle of the football frenzy due to the World Cup and, as everybody is talking about it, we thought we might as well jump on the the wagon. We’re going to talk about the balls though, that rudimentary element that is nuclear to the king of all sports (you really didn’t think we were going to discuss the strategies and stuff, did you?). Footballs are the central point of “When Football Becomes Art”, a project that Luisaviaroma and ADIDAS have launched in collaboration with twenty designers in charge of customising a football. Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Giuseppe Zanotti, Pharrell Williams, Missoni, Ferragamo and Balmain, amongst many others, played with their balls. This items will be auctioned on Ebay and all the profits will be donated to the Gol de Letra charity. This gestures are always appreciated in an environment like the football world.







Lucile Godin, that “something”

There’s people that have that “something” that, even if you try hard to describe it, always means that “something” without a definition that, God knows why, draws your attention and attracts you. It doesn’t matter if it’s the waiter at McDonalds (ugly as ugly can get), that stinky shirt you found in a second hand flea market or your always sweaty boss. That “something” turns the worst beast into a kinda nice guy, even sexy.

That “something” is also there in Lucile Godin’s pictures, images that attract us not only because they show butts and leather (we’re not THAT basic), but also because of the original talent that hides behind the camera. They are slightly erotic images with models getting to some sort of Bernini’s Ecstasy stage, using mirrors and methacrylate scattered on sand; Godin definitely has got that special “something”.





A pleasant seizure is what we experimented when we went in Luca Mainini’s website. You good hearted people must think we’re cruel. Epilepsy is not pleasant. WE KNOW, RIGHT? But this is different, it’s some sort of creative epilepsy (note: add new expression to our La Monda dictionary). Luca’s gifs are pure colour explosion, movement and irony that attract us like a moth to the flame. Here we are, drooling in front of the computer while we admire his moving collage work full of sexy women, jewels and fries. Come on, don’t you think it’s pure glory?
luca_mainini_collage_gif_lamondamagazine_7 luca_mainini_collage_gif_lamondamagazine_5 luca_mainini_collage_gif_lamondamagazine_4 luca_mainini_collage_gif_lamondamagazine_3 luca_mainini_collage_gif_lamondamagazine_2 luca_mainini_collage_gif_lamondamagazine_1


We couldn’t care less about football, you know that. Neither about anything half-sporty that implies moving our beloved buttocks from the sofa. On the contrary, as you also know, we love all the human display that starts to flourish on these football days, we love tongs and trikinis, and if mixed with Rio de Janeiro, we love it even more. That’s why, today, 3rd of June 2014, we present you our first profound and thorough analysis, our first oficial lamondafiesta ranking. Here you are the worst songs surrouding the World Cup, the catchiest lines and the easier to learn, even for the deaf.



Beach, sun, beauty, swimsuits, various dance moves, armpits all over and a lot of sand. Nothing more.

3-SHAKIRA (La La La feat. Carlinhos Brown feat. Activia)

Nope, we’re not talking about Massiel. This Summer Shakira and her friend Carlinhos (Samba da Bahia), surrounded by Activia (that’s a yogurt brand in Spain, dude), come to be the real pain in the ass. All the beach bars in towns will repeat this anthem till our ears bleed and people will keep on going crazy (loca, loca, loca) with our favourite goldilocks, Paulina allowing.
After Bombo, her one and only HIT, our also beloved Norwegian with Spanish roots (her mum is from Jaén, that’s why she says “rom Río to Bailén”, such a know town everywhere) comes to smash all the charts with a song that, for us, will become our ringtone, alarm clock and microwave clock sound till winter comes as in Game of Thrones. Thanks, Adelén, for this amazing song. NOT.
Titties, titties, bobbies and boobies, Vengaboys left us completely stunned. We already have chosen our perfect outfit for Sonar 2014. Literally, no words.