Michael Kors brings us the chance to enjoy his new collection from our sofa, armchair, bed, chaise-longue or palmtree hammock. As in La Monda we’re not really the moving kind, we’ll also stream it live. Today, 10th of September, at 10am in New York/4pm in Spain, the designer will show his new SS2015 product line and this time comments, images and videos with the #allaccesskors and #michaelkors will be directly added to the microsite live. This is how stuff is done in this wonderful global world. Get the popcorns ready (or the coconut mix if you’re still on the palmtree hammock) because here at La Monda you’ll find everything related to super Kors’s new SS15 catwalk.


It seems that this is our own private music week in La Monda Magazine. Maybe it’s because it’s a bank holiday here? Maybe it’s because in Barcelona there’s still an average temperature of 93 celsius in the shade? Today we come dancing, shaking and moving. Here you are The 2 Bears‘ new video, “Not This Time”, that arrives entirely made of heterosexuals dancing in alpha male poses. Just kiddin’. “Not This Time” is some kind of modern “I Will Survive”, with a lower dose of Gloria Gaynor’s compelling histrionics but just as easy to dance. Lyrics that help you out of the most toxic situations, they talk about liberation, about “bye-bye my friend” and charge everyone with positivism. Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell are what we have now instead of our three morning coffees.

the 2 bears music videoclip gay




We’ve been waiting for this moment for like a thousand million years and, needless to say, we’re now dancing like mad in our new studio where air flows and that allows us to let our hair down. Ten Walls, our favourite DJ (we’re into favouritism, we know), presents the video for his HIT “Walking With Elephants”. The mix of sea, lighthouses, total black mansions and sperm-dolphins make this wonder sound and now look better than well.

He came to Barcelona in August and we couldn’t watch him live. He’s also not planning to come anytime soon. Ten, my friend, since you’re my daily soundtrack, do me a favour and please consider that twice, come back to Barcelona, bring the mongol instruments and make me happy. Let me rest in peace.




We all know our ginger friend is back at it again, but she’s back at least, which is important. What we didn’t know about, or we didn’t have very clear, was her not very pleased face while singing. It might be down to the script, but the truth is that she’s definitely not an actress (my friend, you could use a pinch of pepper). Evilness aside (it’s Monday, in all senses), after watching the video, Elly Jackson and her hair might as well be owners of their own erotic product range, all very vintage and with a lot of telephones in different shapes and colours. “Ready for your call” could be the new Vodafone trendy call centre. Good afternoon, La Roux speaking, Kiss And Not Tell?



kiss and not tell la roux music videoclip single

Vallée and Duhamel – Inside-out

When you watch a making off video, there is an instant connection with the result of the video itself. It’s like knowing someone since puberty, when he is very ugly (we’ve all been ugly) and then he grows up to be a handsome man. It’s knowing the tricks, stripping the process in front of the audience and accepting that, even though there’s no magic, the result can still be amazing. And just that way, amazing in and out, are Vallée and Duhamel‘s videos.

We met Julien Vallée in 2010 when he made his famous sponsor introduction video for the OFFF festival in Paris. This Canadian’s video combined analogic and digital effects and was able to transport us to a world where scenes where so tempting. He hasn’t stopped since. He met Duhamel at university and, due to affinity issues, they founded their own studio. A love story, a good combo by all means. One of their last projects has been “Metamorphose” for Hermés. As the title implies, it’s all about witnessing how Hermés products and other elements change to be something else in an aesthetically mezmerizing world. Their technique mixes stop-motion, video and experience. And illusions and double reading. I might be a bit in love with them, to be fair. Watch the video, watch the making off; there’s no magic, but it is amazing.

vallée duhamel video making off studio

vallée duhamel video making off studio

vallée duhamel video making off studio



We want to make clear that we haven’t fallen in love with Vanesa Krongold because of her website, in which there’s a running unicorn, or because of that lovely detail the daisy pointer is. Actually this girl is just amazing and makes whatever she wants in her clothes collections: assymetric cuts, fishes and lemons, degradé colours, plastic and tinsel… We could really state millions of elements. We don’t really know where does Krongold get the inspiration from but we guess it’s from literally everywhere, that’s why the outcome is surprising first, haunting later. Do you want us to tell you a secret to love her even more? Click on the unicorn.

vanessa krongold fashion designer

vanessa krongold fashion designer

vanessa krongold fashion designer

vanessa krongold fashion designer


vanessa krongold fashion designer

vanessa krongold fashion designer

vanessa krongold fashion designer

vanessa krongold fashion designer

Amy Currell, Summer hands

Even though holidays are over, we’re still in the beach bar, sun and sangria mood. We’re pretty basic, you see. To continue in the Summer vibe, we bring you the work of Amy Currell; this British photographer set in London is able to mix sweets with a bratwurst and make them match. Her work has a playful side that makes it nice and easy to read and she has no doubts when organising some sort of Art Attack pool party with beauty products. Amongst her clients we can find names like Rolex, Revlon, Elle and Kiehls. Just sayin’. Thanks Amy for making Summer last a bit longer!











amy currell photography still bodegon

amy currell photography still bodegon