What are we going to do this NYE? In the “Most boring questions” top 10, this is the topest one. Year after year, society slowly falls into despair while December comes to an end. Like headless chickens we text everybody on whatsapp, ask strangers on the streets and we confirm we’re going to every facebook event with NYE on their title: vegan NYE, snuff movie NYE, retirement house NYE… Literally, anything not to end up practicing the Heimlich maneuver to your grandma after she had too much dessert.

Sociologist all over the world have try to figure out why do we actually need to get so pissed to welcome the new year; from teens to grown ups, everybody drinks as if they had sons in jail, maybe in an attempt to burn all our demons when watching those inedible “best of 2015” compilations or simply to forget how pathetic this year has been and how the coming one doesn’t look any better.

NYE is not only about drinking everything that falls in your hands, but also in saying hello to the new year almost dead in the sofa, in someone else’s bed or in the side of a road asking please to be buried in quicklime. First of January hungover is the martirdom that all human being has to go through: sadness, self pity, sad song days.

To finish this year, and since we’re still in Xmas time when eating like there’s no tomorrow is a daily thing, we bring you Josh Josh Jones‘ project, who, possibly inspired by hungover days, he created the @celebrities_in_ramen instagram account, where, as the very name says, he places celebrities floating in soup. Some nice nonsense to wash down the sweet Xmas and NYE resolutions excess.








You can be part of that race that likes Christmas so much that, even though you might be sitting down beside the most boring member of your family at the Xmas Eve dinner, your spirit, excitement and, above all, patience, would stay as intact as Donald Trump’s hairdo.

You might also be part of the opposite race; those who, no matter the time of the year, would see a colour combination consisting of green, white and red and would get so pissed off they would even think of recreating the legend of the Krampus.

In La Monda Magazine we think that, even if you like Xmas time or you don’t, if the thing is all about expanding the general having fun, eating, drinking, giving presents, loving yourself and others (specially in company dinners), we would always get on the bandwagon. In fact, with so much glitter and decoration, we would probably en un conquering the wagon, riding it and parading it in a total Rio de Janeiro style.

As José Feliciano would say (his surname mean something like “the happy dude” in Spanish, nothing can go wrong), Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happiness (he is a bit of a broken record though). We love you.



Well, I might be slightly obsessed with young Brazilian instagrammers, but thanks to this fact I’ve discovered Jaloo, a very young Brazilian musician that could really make a statement; we’ll some day be able to say “I knew him before he was famous” about him (and to make my ego happy you’ll have to add it was me who discovered it. I’m the Columbus in this story).

Grimes’s “Art Angels” could be one of the 2015 big albums, but, blinded by love, I’d dare to say that Jaloo, proclaimed fan of the Canadian – we can listen a cover of Oblivion in his first EP -, is not that far away from the same title. Jaloo sounds as if Grimes got lost in the Amazon jungle and would start playing with her synth. The Brazilian youngster brings us electronic music full of light, simple but soaked in Southern rhythms. And let’s face it: we love that. To this we have to add a nearly whispered soft voice that jumps from English to Portugese without sounding weird.

That very same mix we can find it in his aesthetics; the vinyl clothing, the glitter, the futurist-punk hair do’s and tropical patterns combine the tribal elements, all wrapped in a pastel colour halo that makes us sure that entering his world is nothing but pleasant. It will start with “Vem”, easy but meaningful beginning of his LP and will finish with “Adeus”.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s ask the gods (I mean, the heads of the best music festivals) that Jaloo visits us soon because I’m sure he’ll make us sweat.