Akatre, I hate you


Hate; this is what I feel when I open the webpage of the French graphic and photo studio Akatre. I wish a fire could burn the studio down, so that it disappears; it’s impossible not to feel microscopic in front of such an enormous display of creativity, just to have a look later at your portfolio and realize your pathetic existence. They rock in graphic design with their posters, magazines and corporate graphics. They rock in art, they rock in photography, and, if this wasn’t enough they have begun to experiment with video, too. Really guys, go to hell! Thanks to guys like you, I will never leave the sad and miserable world of working (and economic) insecurity. I would eat a rat if I knew I could get some projects like yours. Just have a look at their works and you’ll agree with me that this studio deserves to be burnt down.

Sergi Casero

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