Here comes the story of four freaks from Leeds who want to be known beyond their label so they resort to three classical tools to become famous: 1. They set up a band 2. They give it a very cool name such as ‘Alt-J’ 3. They look for a symbol to represent them and nothing works better (and is fucking more cliché) than a triangle. That’s when you start laughing while thinking, ‘I’m so fed up with stupid pricks that try to be hipsters’. Well, we agree with you on that one, but the thing is that those guys are actually really good. That’s why we invite you to enjoy their music. It helps us wake up in the morning, it motivates us through the afternoon and it puts us on fire at night to make out with anyone. Whenever you listen to them the time is just right and each video they release will leave you hypnotised behind your screen. Bullfighters, Raphael, Gothic stained-glass, backwards videos… This has already been seen before but they still find ways to surprise you.

Beatriz Nuño

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