Crystal Rococo by Amber Cowan


We have never been really fans of minimalism or realism, you should know already. For this reason, this artist living in Philadelphia has hit right in the centre of our hearts. Her talent is constantly overflowing, like her sculptures, so full of complements. In reality, if you watch them closely, you can see dolphins and cherubims (er, sorry for the rhyme). In order to create her works of art, she visits street markets, looking for crystal pieces dating between 1940 and 1980. She overheats them and sculpts them again, getting the leafy results you can see here. The shapes of her sculptures are like evil figures that could only exist in the deepest oceans, but with a graceful pink colour to them, so they can be disguised as something perfectly innocent. They look alive, with spooky features and traces of moisture shining on their surface. Too many people together. These are Rococo collages from good old times, for the centre of crystal tables in the US.





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Amber Cowan
Marta Gui

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