Aron Filkey and his Artesign


This hungarian Graphic Designer that works on Art Direction, Advertising, Editorial Design and Space Design it’s the perfect example of how to deal with a commissioned job without losing your own personal style. Aron Filkey is interested in exploring and trying new things that will provide its work with an artistic profile, an identity mark that makes him different from the other jillion Graphic Designers that walk this Earth. Thanks to his good aesthetic perception, he creates nearly absurd yet very attractive compositions and he had collaborated with projects such as Typography Issue of the Computer Arts Magazine, WAD Magazine or The Room Magazine. He collaborates with the amazing photographer Mate Moro. ¡Behold, they’re gonna be a big thing!

aron_filkey_art_design_lamondamagazine_5 aron_filkey_art_design_lamondamagazine_4





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