Art… Oh, shit! WIM DELVOYE


What is the common denominator between Cloaca, the poo machine; and some Disney tattooed pigs, Jesus with Louis Vuitton marks, and a chapel decorated with windows displaying porn and scat images? The answer is Wim Delvoye. This Belgian artist explores the limits of the art market in a globalised world: with Cloaca, a machine that replicates the human digestive system, selling his production of shit to the highest bidder. Moreover, in his Art farm in China, he breeds pigs -which he later tattoos- to collectors who observe the development of their pig via webcams, until death comes to turn them into pieces of art. With “Tim”, back in 2006, he managed to sell a tattoo on Tim Steiner’s shoulder for €15,0000; Steiner got a third of the sum in exchange for being on show in museums and art galleries during 3 or 4 weeks a year, according to his collector’s will. Wim Delvoye’s art fascinates us for the deep dissonances it provokes. With its improbable juxtapositions between different worlds, it leaves us with uncertainty between an ecstatic contemplation of beauty and a harsh questioning of our own age.

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Wim Delvoye
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