ATLAS STUDIO: Death to academicism


We can’t deny that the New Ugly trend is rocketing; you just have to have a look at the music industry, Graphic Designs and various catwalks to be aware of the fact that ugly and disgusting are here to stay.

Atlas Studio fits on that scheme. These Swiss designers have forgotten all the clichés about the Helvetica country design being clear, tidy, neat and totally rational. Atlas Studio do whatever they want to do. You were taught at uni that you shouldn’t mix two fonts on the same poster, weren’t you? Then add five and distorted till they look like stains! The degraded effect makes it very difficult to read the text, right? To hell with legibility! Degrade the shit out of that design! It’s obvious that Atlas Studio is here to play, big time; their posters and creation are already a reference in blogs and Tumblrs of every designer and the New Ugly is present in every portfolio of the best Design Schools in Europe. Academicism is dead! Long live to Atlas Studio!







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Sergi Casero

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