Being a Fat-Fat, by Aude Debout and Caroline Lollo


To be admitted in the Fat-Fat club you don’t have to be actually fat. You have to be fat on the inside. Which is totally different. A fat person is the one that has some kilos that are just not meant to be there. A fat person’s weight is considerable and their mass is a little bit eccentric. A persona that is fat doesn’t have to feel fat on the inside. To feel fat on the inside, and here’s the difference, means thinking about food, eating and so on always. Feeling fat on the inside is having lunch thinking about dinner and dinner thinking about breakfast. They’re unable to skip a meal and also to feel guilt after binge eating. We love it. And that’s why we want to be members of the Fat-Fat Club.

Let’s enjoy Fat-Fat Club, a brilliant and mischievous book by Aude Debout and Caroline Lollo. They imagine how world can be for people that feel fat on the inside. A book divided in two, with a part for the normal people and another part for the glutton. A simple but great idea. Yes, the White House turning into a giant cream cake or the face of a princess into a cupcake is too cute. We are want to be in the Fat-Fat Club.





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  1. Hi, I really like the book The Fat – Fat Club, and I searched online found nobody sell it, but I would love to buy one, is it possible?

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