Baguette Bardot


No matter how hard we try, even though we can spend long years watching scruffy videos on Youtube while drinking cocktails of pineapple juice and bleach, even though we can take every drug available and yet to be invented while reading Chuck Palahniuk… We will NEVER ever be on the same level as our Japanese friends. The Empire that created Pokémon, kamikaze attacks and cat worship has brought us a new star of the web. Since they’ve gotten tired of their own Eastern references, the new trend of the Rising Sun Empire is to reinterpret icons and myths of Western cinema. From this tendency Baguette Bardot was born, a new species that mixes the French cinema icon (and right-wing spokesperson) Brigitte Bardot with Paris’ most typical symbol, baguette. The result is an Asian girl that dresses up and sings like Brigitte but has baguettes instead of arms. That’s disturbing no matter how you look at it, and sure you can guess it totally fascinates us. We take off our hats in regard to this masterpiece of Eastern aberration and we ask you that you please consider to reinterpret some Spanish cinema star, replacing arms with sausages. Please.



Sergi Casero

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