Barbie & Bob Mackie (Not Ken)


Aaaaalright, I must admit I was a Barbie kid. And I don’t mean I wore girly bobby socks while riding my horse (horse whose hair would be much shinier than mine) on the Country Riding Club. What I meant is that I had the priviledge to own a big collection of Barbie dolls. As their dressed didn’t look fabulous enough, I used to cut my homemade ones (call me old, but we didn’t have Zara Kids back then) to create their new wardrobe. I remember cutting them from behind, thinking that my mum would never find the massive hole if it was in the back (silly me). I used to spend hours cutting and watching how my Barbie would turn into a Cher style diva. And now, silly me (again), I find out that I could’ve made a life out of that like Bob Mackie does. I find it difficult to believe that there’s someone whose job is dressing Cher (as plastic filled as a Barbie) and whose hobby is dressing Barbies as if they were Cher. Don’t you think is amazing or is it me being loopy for my childhood memories? (Thanks Bob for unleashing my nostalgic side).

Judge yourselves, we’re sure Mackie’s work would provoke little heart attacks in you!

(P.S: My Barbies we’re nothing compared to Bob’s incredible creations. Mine looked more like Frankenstein’s gypsy cousins).



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