As you know, we like to open your minds and guide you through the perilous path of novelty, truth and surprise. We want to be like a better-dressed version of Moses for you. So today we want to show you something that left our mouths wide open and caused some other thing to stir (oh yeah). Ok, here we go: in Bhutan, an Asian country you’ve probably never heard of (and you’ll now understand why) there is a ritual to attract good luck and drive the devil away. The ritual consists in drawing enormous penises; not like the ones you draw on the foreheads of your sleeping friends, but extremely elaborate penises on the walls. If this wasn’t enough, you also have to place some little wooden replicas of the penis in all the corners of the house, lest the devil find a spot without a menacing, sharp, pointed prick to enter your house. The truth is that even we would have to take a step back in front of so many dicks; we’d feel simply inadequate, and wouldn’t know where to start!

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