Brian Vu, psychedelic geology


Brace yourselves, the music festival time is coming. Everybody is shivering in anticipation to enjoy those amazing line ups of Primavera Sound and Sonar, the starting line is prepared, tourists who deny accepting that it still can be cold here in May using flip flops and tank tops are arriving and there’s nobody that can stop this.

Myself, with both weekender tickets in hand (I like partying hard, what can I say), instead of bringing you the oh-so-boring music review and pedantic recommendations, I have chosen to talk about a typical concept in festivals: the psychedelia. Psychedelia in the music, psychedelia in the drugs, psychedelia in the most melancholic Woodstock hippies’ t-shirts, psychedelia everywhere in every festival. That’s why I present you Brian Vu’s photography, who finds in stones, mineral and foil that colourful world that would make a hard core hippy feel at home. Smoke, lights, rainbows and reflections is what we can see in this NYC photographer’s portfolio. Jammin’.





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