Let’s have a bite with Carl Kleiner


Let’s be honest, we enjoy eating (some people more than others, true, but in general, we like to have our mouths full, and our stomachs, too). Plus, we live in a country where the favourite hobby is sitting down for a snack and start gossiping out loud, almost shouting. It’s our daily ritual. So far, olé for us, but… What would happen if artist Carl Kleiner decorated our dishes? Hint: we’d be even more envied, we’d eat even more, and we’d be even happier (because yes, dear foreign readers, in Spain the situation is critical, we really are a mockery of a country in many occasions, but, nobody beats us at enjoying life, positive thinking and laughing). So all that’s left is to do our typical La Monda call to arms: Carl, please, pass by our newsroom and leave us with watering mouths (never better said) with your food still lives; the best fresh goods are here.

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Carl Kleiner
Andoni Beristain

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