Cat Museum


Until today, the Spanish museum circuit has always been of doubtful quality; being the sons of the sun, paella and sangría combo tradition, it wasn’t difficult to predict that these temples of knowledge would only shelter anxious tourists waiting to stomp on the souvenir shop. But, luckily, the situation has changed: a grand opening will happen in Spain, one that will place our country in the top of the world’s cultural landscape, making the Tate Modern or the Louvre look small. The luxurious coast town Lloret de Mar is going to have the first museum dedicated completely to the feline world. If, in the cradle of the civilisation, Egyptians already worshiped cats, us Spaniards can’t stay behind the times. The Cat Museum, directed by a Russian millionaire with a questionable taste, showcases the worst stuff you can find around; an ode to bad aesthetics, bad kitsch and the freak side. Only in Spain or in a Siberian town could you find a place like this. As a massive cybernetic shit consumer that I am, I totally recommend you to click on the Cat Museum website; it’s halfway through a preschool sugar fuelled little girl’s work and the creations of a Russian programmer that suffered post-Cold War psychotic episodes. If you also want to burn your retinas please take e-stroll through their gallery or their “friends” section (yep, there’s other centres like this one, even theatres!). Be ready to cry blood, my lovelies.




Cat's House
Sergi Casero

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