Cat People Magazine


They used to say the editorial world was in decay; that the Internet, iPads, ebooks were bringing the editorial industry down and reducing the role of paper to ashes. Well, all these know-it-all theoretic masters of apparent wisdom were wrong. Not only because independent magazines are stronger than ever; for example, “Apartamento”; but also because every day new masterpieces are showing up, like this Japanese (could it be other?) magazine, Cat People.

And that’s it, my friends, a magazine about cats for cat lovers. And as we have already shown you on some previous issues of this fantastic magazine (La Monda, not Apartamento), the cat world has been rocking the web world for a few years now, so why not making a step forward to the world of paper and create a magazine about the experiences of modern designers with their cats and art insights on the cat world? Yes, we know that at first it just looks like a magazine for a hipster-wannabe 80-year-old lady with 35 cats pissing on every corner of the house, but we are absolutely fascinated with the idea that someone could think to make business out of such a pathetic obsession. And, in any case, I’ve already sent my cv.

Cat People Magazine
Sergi Casero

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