In the beginning of the 90s, the Internet big bang moved the basis of western society. Since then, the digital world has opened a wide range of possibilities; from watching Mexican teenager videos to stay in the loop of what’s happening with Marnie, the dog with fatial paralysis. The market, as it would, also jumped in the 2.0 bandwagon. From our very laptop we can buy all sorts of products: used underwear, popper or Kalashnikovs. There’s no limits on the online world!

The artistic landscape saw its benefits on this media and that’s how, in the mid-90s, was born; a discipline that wraps all those artistic productions made entirely at and for the net. But, what happened with poetry? Would’ve Lorca, Ginsberg or Brönte grasp the beauty of code? Luckily, a master of lyrics has been born to capture all the sensitivity of the digital world in his songs. From a little shop in Mexico, this songwriter presents verses fuelled with know-how such as: “you know that my toner doesn’t fail and you’d love to see me in a towel” or “baby, if you and me are ones and zeros, what are we waiting for to get naked” (promise, this sounds as bad in Spanish). What started as a marketing strategy to sell more computers has ended up becoming part of the Southern-American literature history. This is Chip Torres, a contemporary poet that gives us verses and bytes alike.

Sergi Casero

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