!!! CHK CHK CHK: How’s that working for you, baby?


What happens when you mix the bad mood and aggressiveness of punk, the loudest disco/funk euphoria and a guy dressed in lycra shorts on a stage? What happens is that you actually got a master gig of the band with the most difficult name on the music landscape. !!! (or Chk Chk Chk, according to them) land in Spain today to present “As If”, their party album, playing in Barcelona and Madrid first and finishing their tour at the BIME festival at the end of the month. Over the top Nic Offer’s band have been rewarding us with parties since 2001; their gigs have always been a synonym of crazy, ecstasy and dislocated knees. We only have to think about the show they offered at the Primavera Sound dressed up as zumba teachers. We hope they bring a sanitary help team with them, because taking into account the mega hit their new “Freedom ’15” is, people are in risk of a heart attack.


Sergi Casero

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