Cocolia treads strong, very strong


Annihilating competitors from Barcelona, Mireia Ruiz and Raúl Ramos give us an originality lesson. Two graphic designers who, as improbable as it may seem, managed to create their own, personal and unique style, and be worth of mention for it. Visiting their webpage daily is our new addiction; we don’t need 7 bottles of whisky before going out to wiggle our hips now that we have Cocolia. The candy-sweet-monster is now our icon and reference; we want it to be the mascot for Madrid’s 2044 Olympic games. This studio excites us and fills us with positive energy because it’s a message to the entire world, that in Spain we are really creative and can do wonderful things; if you don’t believe us take a look to this selection of photos.

Photos & web
Andoni Beristain

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