Collage technique is nothing new; throughout Art history different movements have been constantly using this mean of expression. We saw it with Dadaists, Surrealists, and Cubists… Everyone tried collage as an artistic practice and even our first pre-school steps saw us having an attempt at it. Nowadays, in the age of Internet and excess of information, the Tumblr platform has been invaded by the collages of artist-wannabe bloggers, which combine vintage illustrations with circles and Photoshop effects (there’s a multitude of those. Stop it, I’m serious) making something that would have been outrageous in the 70s the most boring thing on the Internet. But here at La Monda we always try to go one step further, so yes, we present to you Daniel Gordon, an artist who proposes to reinvent collage by creating sculptures or still lives with it. This artist combines real life objects, wrapped in images and different clippings, cheeky compositions, even a bit odd sometimes (yes Daniel, we can see tape in more than one image) and colour, a lot of colour! Saturated images with bright colours, which overthrow our retinas and make us seasick with so many African patterns. With tears in our eyes we can tell you that yes, Daniel Gordon is La Monda worthy, and that yes, collage keeps on rocking.

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Daniel Gordon
Sergi Casero

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