Donostia/San Sebastián Fashion Film Festival 2014


Oh, the first time. That first time that will be the first one for the last time. Even though everybody knows it’s your, well, yeah, first time, you want it to be perfect.

That’s why we give a very high grade to the first edition of the Donostia/San Sebastian Fashion Film Festival (DSSFFF, as its acronym follows) (yep, that’s a short one) held in the Basque city of Donostia on the 2-3 May. On their first edition, they added something else to this place that holds many festivals (Dock of the Bay, Surf Film Festival, Fantanstic and Horror Film Festival…) apart from the famous Zinemaldi and the also quite well attended Jazzaldia. It was a fun, easy going and comfortable event; being aware that the term “fashion film” still sounds like Chinese to nearly everybody, there was a lot of creative talent amongst the attendees, a lot of fashion films with whispering voices talking about very postmodern stuff and others that were more fun. Filmmaker Marie Schuller’s work, who was present, was a highlight, as well as the always amazing films by Nowness and Monica Menez. Hamahiru and Yudania Photography were the winners of the contest/workshop done with worldwide famous photographer Paco Peregrín.

 We were at home and we felt at home. And needless to say, we ate like there was no tomorrow. No doubt, see you next year!






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