Eric Yahnker – Tex Mex Art


When we think about colouring pencils we instantly get a nostalgic flow in our bodies, carrying us back to that childhood when we spend entire days colouring drawings and competing to know who had more pencils (that’s the first taste human being have of class struggle).

However, the moment you discover artist Eric Yahnker’s work, nostalgia quickly turns into shock. How can it be that using the same colours you draw your favourite Pokemons with someone can create pieces like this American artist’s? Not only he is brilliant in his technique, but also what he draws in just amazing; Obama with Miley Cyrus on a window strolling with her wrecking ball, a Conchita Wurst style bearded WonderWoman or Michael Jordan dunking a Courbet (so postmodern, by the way). As he seems not to have enough with colouring pencils, Yahnker has also decided to get a taste of sculpture putting thongs and 15 meter high Mexican sombreros to the state of Texas. Tex-Mex flavour artwork, this is what we want in La Monda!






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Eric Yahnker
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