What would happen if the oniric worlds of Wes Anderson and David Lynch’s melancholic landscapes would mix? We usually let you the answers pretty disclosed (that’s ’cause we love you), so here you are again; if you really want to know what happens you just have to have a look at norwegian Erwin Olaf’s photographs.

What this artist likes the most is picking up the most representative elements of the American Way Of Life. Yes, my friend, the way of life of those states you wouldn’t even know where to place on a map, like Utah, Idaho, Missouri, Iowa… The daily rituals of these places that sound like taken out of a 90s TV show are as patriotic as training with the cheerleader team or going for a walk with the Boy Scouts. All the same for us, because any kind of folk cliches are our passion, not to mention the amazing colour and distribution of the pictures, pure genius that shows us his whole world in a single shoot.





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