Erwin Wurm’s corrosive humor


Just by watching this Austrian artist’s works, we laughed out loud (yes, lol’d, that is). We laughed out of humour and nervousness at the same time, because something disturbing hides in this ludic form of Art. Effectively, Erwin Wurm explores the absurdity hidden in everyday life with his trenchant and humoristic scenes: for example, a man becomes an anonymous suit-block that has to be added to his fellows in order to build the Tower of Consumerism. His gracious inflatable sculptures evoke a society that is stuffed with speed, technology, food, information… To make it short, it’s bred on consumerism’s mud. This masterly combination of art and humour totally fascinated us, and we’re not the only ones: some people -for example the Red Hot Chilli Peppers- took inspiration from this artist’s work (have a look at the video of the song “Can’t stop”). In any case, we’re smitten- hook, line and sinker.

Erwin Wurm
Guillaume Thomas

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