Silvesterklausen, Organic New Year’s Eve by Estelle Hanania


Are you tired of choking on the grapes year after year? Do you feel like you are more mature now and you don’t want to spend New Year’s Eve drunk and covered in cheap sparkling wine? Do Freixenet’s bubbles make you shiver? Welcome! You are now part of the 80% of Spanish population that hates New Year’s Eve and all its consequences. Remember, you are not alone. We always care about you. So we want to suggest a new alternative plan, so your inner self can start the year off in a natural environment. We want you to feel like a 21st century Pocahontas, and in order to do so you have to fly to Switzerland and join its ancient ritual: Silvesterklausen.
The essence of this way of spending New year’s Eve is nothing unfamiliar: you gather with your friends, you make a lot of noise, you sing, you drink. That’s the moment when you think… Why Switzerland then? Because we want you to wake up with a hangover (you can’t avoid it, you know) but without your feet aching or a Picasso face. Forget the tight dress which doesn’t let you drink as you wish, the pushup bras, the belt and the oppressing bowtie. This year you go natural! You just need to choose who you want to be: because in Silvesterklausen (better repeat it, lest you forget) there are only three possible characters: the ugly (Wüeschten), the cute (Schönen) and the ugly-cute (Schön-Wüestchen). We recommend you pick the “ugly” (just for one night, ok handsome). To get your ugly total look you just need poles, branches and leaves (you can also recycle your Christmas tree) so take advantage that there is still some time to go and get the best bargain. As we know you won’t be convinced to play the ugly in the night with more fucking probabilities of the year, we leave you with Estelle Hanania’s reportage, who lived this crazy New Year’s Eve and enjoyed the ugly’s company.

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