For Hamburger’s love. Fat & furious burger.


Hamburgers never trend away, nor they will ever. It’s God food. There’s nothing more perfect than a hamburger. You don’t like meat? Here you, have, Vegburger. Japan is fashionable? Try it with teriyaki sauce. The fact is, my friend, there’s nothing more customizable than a hamburger. I’m sure you are thinking, “Hey man, don’t exaggerate it, it’s not such a big deal”. But for Fat&Furios customization has no limits. They can make a hamburger out of anything. And I know this because I could see their wonderful creations. Two French graphic designers, Quentin and Thomas, are the creators of this hamburger masterpiece. Every Friday they put their brains to work to surprise you with a new hamburger (moon hamburger, pineapple hamburger, tits hamburger, just to name a few). There are also Halloween pumpkins, special agents 007 and also one with an ice cream shape. I don’t know the taste, but you have to catch the idea. A carefully designed aesthetics, elaborated sceneries and different points of view just for one being: HAMBURGER.

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