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After a very successful 2014 edition, the FIU festival is back and full of energy. FIU, which is already considered as THE reference festival for up and coming young creative talent, offers this year more activities, presents, parties, beers and even food! (we know you all love to eat). On this edition, you’ll be able to watch and listen to speakers as marvellous as Sergi Casero, the naughtiest La Monda Magazine contributor. Daniel Aristizabal, visual artist expert in 3D that contributed to our magazine with his editorial HUEVOS will also be talking there, as well as our beloved sexy director Andoni Beristain, who apart from explaining things about his job, he’ll gone full venezuelan soap opera mode. So, yeah, you know, FIU festival will be waiting for you at the Estrella Damm Factory in Barcelona on the 11th of May. Come say hi!


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