The curious and intriguing Fuet magazine


As we told you last time, we are very demanding when it comes to anything related with the editorial world. Well, demanding, or picky, who knows. We have a different taste, and this taste totally corresponds with our personality. We talked to you about Toilet Paper Magazine and how much we love it. This time we want to introduce you to a new editorial wonder, made between Barcelona and Madrid, Fuet Magazine. Yes, Fuet. This small salami you like so much. Eduardo Garcia (Fucking Young, Hype You.Tv and many other things) and Maria Arranz (Le Cool Madrid and many other things, too) joined forces to launch this new printed magazine (designed by Cordova-Canillas studio) where we can read and see so many curiosities around the world of kitchen and food. You already know, dear readers, please support Spanish talent!

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