If some years ago someone would have said that John Galliano was going to work with Oscar de la Renta, everyone would have said that that was pure heresy. But, hey ho, things change. Via a press release signed by the one and only Oscar de la Renta we got informed that the house has hired Galliano, highlighting the need of the fashion world for this creative character and building a very strange couple of opposites with this agreement. We are really thankful for the middleman work that the queen bee Anna Wintour has done; this arrangement wouldn’t have been possible without her. This decision might have moved some minds that wouldn’t be able to give the divine forgiveness to Galliano for his inadequate behaviour (alcohol and drug wise we mean, the nazi ideas are not a forgivable thing); in the end, what would’ve happened to the world of art without those troubled minds? We really appreciate the existence of those people that fail every day, because if
you’re looking for perfection, you can always buy a Barbie. We hope that this contribution lasts for a long time, because it’s easy to see the success that the union between elegance and transgression can be. From that brotherhood now we are able to see amazing dresses in the Galliano extreme colours on the classic beauty of the Oscar de la Renta woman. Bravo for this second chance.

Oscar de la Renta
Jose Carayol

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