Gastronomy and fashion: SUSHICAT (NEKOZUSHI)


Let’s take two random concepts and create a trend that can rock in every part of the world, this was the exercise a small group of Japanese scholars tried out with the marvelous fusion that is Neko-sushi, or sushicat (Neko being the Japanese word for cat). Sushicats are fancy dresses for cats in the shape of various types of sushi. Why? We don’t know, but the real question should be: why not?
Cats look like they’re having a great time disguised as the most famous delicacies of the Rising Sun Empire, and that’s perfectly logic: who wouldn’t dream of being one day a tasty nigiri? The idea was so successful that a whole series of drawings with the sushicats as protagonists was realized. This proves once more how an advanced country is Japan: we hope that in some years also Spanish cats could be stars, appearing with their tortilla or Burgos’ morcilla costumes.

Disclaimer: no Sushicat was harmed during the filming of the video; it’s all a work of fiction. We know we had you worried here.

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Sergi Casero

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